Reni Ebisawa

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Reni Ebisawa

Post  Airi on Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:28 pm

b]Name:Reni Ebisawa



Personality:She kind and happy girl loves to draw and sing she normally stay around her parents alot loves alot animals

Ninja Rank:Chuniun

History : Reni is the daughter of hiko and airi and special because has demon spirit in her body but she also known for singer and she singers alot and loves draw she normally stay in demon wold with her uncle tamahome that's calls nearly everyone and she does go home she finished school while back but she does not like her brother too much as he is big pervert but she get on with anyone

-Village of Birth:Leaf Viilaige

Theme Song:Cooler then me by Mike Posner


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