Mika Ebisawa

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Mika Ebisawa

Post  <3Hiko&Airi<3 on Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:55 pm

Name: Mika Ebisawa (Mike-a)
-Nickname: Sniffer

Gender: female
Age: 17
Clan: Ebisawa


Personality: Mika is a very sweet girl. She is very much like her mother, Lunar. Mika doesn't know who her father is and neither does Lunar. Mika is a very strong member of the family but she is a wolf like her mom. She was the only girl, so she is very quick witted and very fast. She never gets picked on and she has a very good sence of smell, better than everyone elses.

Ninja Rank: Chunnin
-Element: plants
--Specialty: ninjutsu and taijutsu

History: Mika was born into a pack of five including her. Her name is Mika but her nickname when she was given was Sniffer becasue of her use of her nose. She loved her brothers so much but she was sad that she was the only girl in the pack of pups. She loved her mother so much that it didn't even take her long to learn her mothers name. Her name was Lunar. Mika and the other pups didnt know if they had a father. Mika grew up as a professional hunter. She was the second wolf in the pups pack. First was Leader, who's real name was Diego, then it was Mika, then it was Thinker, real name is Oddie, then it was Runner, real name is Jacky, then lastly it was Singer, which was the runt of the pack, his name was Jay. Everyone was out hunting when they were still pups. Thinker was out looking for Singer cause he ran off. Thinker died that day from a porkypine attack. He was protecting Singer from it and it was devestating to Mika because she loved him so much. She was angry at Singer for being so stupid and she jsut walked off. She always stayed with her mother but one day she just disappered and went on her own in the wilderness when she knew she was strong enough and old enough to last. She met a beautiful male wolf on her journey. They fell in love but almost a year later he was killed trying to protect Mika, his love of his life. She was heartbroken and didn't leave his side for a whole day. She thought that her life was going so badly that she didn't want to see anyone else in the rest of her life but she did anyways. She was in the middle of a battle one day and she was killed trying to protect her territory but she was brought back to life and she is now with her uncle and his wife. She is now a body guard and fights along side of her at all times. She is happy to spend time with her uncle again but she desided that she will not stay long since he taught her how to turn into a human and live a human life.

-Village of Birth: Outskirts of Kohona

Theme Song:

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Re: Mika Ebisawa

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