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Post  Airi on Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:44 pm

Name:Kyo Ebisawa



-Pictures:Kyo Ebisawa Izayaa

Personality:Kyo is very pervy but is very good friend is nice when he wants to be

Ninja Rank:Chunin
--Specialty TaiJustu

History :Kyo is the son of airi and hiko and he likes annoying his sister and best friend mio but is very nice but can get any girl to have crush on him and he went to school couple years back is now just trains and stays by his family side he also hangs around his friend Yaka side and try to keep his pervy side from his family he know break his motehr heart if she found what kinda things he did

-Village of Birth:leaf villiage

Theme Song:my first kiss by3oh!3 feat ke$ha

Kyo Ebisawa YoKo-sig50beta
Kyo Ebisawa Merupuri-09
Kyo Ebisawa Image

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