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These are the rules of the forum, please follow and obey them. If something needs further explanation, please contact one of the administrations.
  1. Positive Posting: This is an overall rule that extends throughout the site. Be nice and donít post anything offensive. This includes extreme violence of any kind, mature picutes-videos-or anything related, and language. Now not all language is offensive, words like ďDamnĒ arenít really all too bad.
  2. No Spamming: This is kind of obvious. Try to keep the random things unrelated to naruto or the theme of the site to the general board. Spam also includes mass pming or posting of bank stuff, car loans or anything of the sort.
  3. Report Abuse: If any kind of abuse is noted, saw, or heard of, report it to an administrator. If any of these have occurred please report the member. The abuse can and is most likely verbal but this can be disobeying rules, assaulting another member verbally, or anything else you see fit.
  4. Leaving/Dropping out: If you are leaving for a short while, please be courteous and leave a notice in the general area to tell the rest of the forum. It is a nice thing to do so others donít have to wait for you or wonder where you went.
  5. Canon Characters : The site does allow cannons but there is a limit. One user can only have 2 cannon characters. If one is already taken, too bad the person is gone unless the owner is inactive and such.
  6. Word Count: There isnít much of a word count, but the rule here is at least a paragraph of 5 sentences. If you want to post more then so be it, we wonít hold you back. Just try your best to get 5 sentences.
  7. Maturity: We do allow topics of the mature nature. When doing so all we ask is that you label the topic (Mature) so others around know that Itís to be mature. How graphic can they be? As graphic as you can, but please, we encourage you to sensor yourself when possible. Do remember there are children on this forum and some of them might not like that sort of thing. Note: Please do not make all your topics mature, its more or less spam if thatís aaaallllll you rp about on here.
  8. Lastly, Obedience: We ecpect you members to respect and obey the administration. If you feel one is corrupt or being unfair, there are others you can talk to about it and see if something can be resolved. We will give you respect as you give us, so remember, treat others like youself, especially if they are admins.

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