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Post  Under Con on Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:30 pm


Avatars must be 125pxx125px or smaller no large avatars.

If you get a large avatar and or are unsure if its appropriate DO ask an admin


-if you want a large siggy picture or more than one photo please use the code below and limit one picture in each spoiler -UNLESS it is a sibling set(set an example i have the ookami clan or the trio(Ai is unknowably distantly related to the two girls)]

Ookami Clan

Avvy/Siggy Rules KittygirlTina
Avvy/Siggy Rules AyamiHarpKina
Avvy/Siggy Rules Girl04Rina
Avvy/Siggy Rules Minitokyo_Female_Scans_Ginban_KaleiMaikaru
Avvy/Siggy Rules WwwwwwwwwwwwwwwInuyashu
Avvy/Siggy Rules AnimeskaterShippou

Drama Queen(1)Mercury(2)Jupiter(3)

Avvy/Siggy Rules 326140 Avvy/Siggy Rules CoolBlueHairedAnimeGirlAvvy/Siggy Rules 254521
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