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Post  Airi on Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:57 pm

Name:Mio Vester

Clan:Cat demon

-Pictures:Mio Vester  Cc201e0dbd531f95d62842a5fe11e9bb

Personality:Mio is fun loving girl who loves to sing and play her guitar and loves hanging out with friends she rarely ever gets mad

Ninja Rank:Chunin

History :Mio is the daughter of both akari and ronko she is a half demon half human who had lived most her life from wold to another seeing uncle alot as of late she has started wanting stay human world and just be with her mum and dad and she feels happy and loves all her friends and she hopes to start up band with her group friends and also wants to find a long lost friend of hers she has not seen for long time and she hopes high school will change alot things and hopes to have alot fun

-Village of Birth:n/a

Theme Song:

Mio Vester  YoKo-sig50beta
Mio Vester  Merupuri-09
Mio Vester  Image

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