Ronko Vester

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Ronko Vester

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Name: Ronko Vester
-Nickname: Death's Hurricane

Age: 19

Gender: Male
Clan: Puppet Master

Looks: Picture

Personality:Always wanting to fight, puts fear in many people, brutal, depending on the people he always switch emotions between being a cold hearted kill and being a nice guy.

Ninja Rank:Special Chuunin
-Element: Wind, Thunder

History : Ronko was born in the sand village. He earn the Death's Hurricane, He got the Hurricane from continueously killing people and because he was from the sand, and he got death because not only did he kill without regrat, he used the bodies of his dead opponants as his very own puppets. He train to become a puppet master over years growing. One day he came across a new type of puppet master jutsu that allow him to use the bodies of people as puppets. He went home to his parents, when they just got killed, in rage he kills the killers and move out of the sand village and went to leaf. He applied and goes to the highschool.

-Village of Birth: Sand

Theme Song: [flash][/flash]