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Post  Under Con on Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:09 pm

~ Remedial Algebra
~ Basic Algebra
~ Advance Algebra
~ Trigonometry
~ Calculus

~ Basic art
~ Advance Art
~ Pottery
~ Pottery II
~ Art studio

~ Expository Writing
~ Composition
~ Basic English
~ Advance English

Health and Fitness:
~ Health
~ Fitness plus
~ Team Sports
~ Special Medical

~ World Geography
~ Civics
~ World History
~ Ap History

~ Choir
~ Band
~ Music History

Ninja Art:
~ Ninja Training
~ Jutsu Study
~ Ninja History

Home Ec
Cooking class
computer graphics
Free period(one per character)((SENIOR ONLY)
Study Hall(JUNIOR/Senior only)
Teachers assistant( one per junior,two for senior)

After School Activites:

-swim team
-fighting club(all sorts of subcatergories)
-wrestling team
-nature club
-animal club
-'anime' manga' club
book club
Movie club
Debate Team
Drama club
Music club
Dance/color guard
cooking club


Zero hour(if they have it)
first hour
second hour
(lunch here}
third hour
{or lunch here}
fourth hour
[or here]
Fifth hour
sixth hour
After school(Club)

Ookami Clan

Classes/Sched KittygirlTina
Classes/Sched AyamiHarpKina
Classes/Sched Girl04Rina
Classes/Sched Minitokyo_Female_Scans_Ginban_KaleiMaikaru
Classes/Sched WwwwwwwwwwwwwwwInuyashu
Classes/Sched AnimeskaterShippou

Drama Queen(1)Mercury(2)Jupiter(3)

Classes/Sched 326140 Classes/Sched CoolBlueHairedAnimeGirlClasses/Sched 254521
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Classes/Sched Empty Re: Classes/Sched

Post  andy023 on Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:37 am

Method declarations (8.4) describe code that may be invoked by method invocation expressions (15.12). A class method is invoked relative to the class type; an instance method is invoked with respect to some particular object that is an instance of the class type. A method whose declaration does not indicate how it is implemented must be declared abstract. A method may be declared final (, in which case it cannot be hidden or overridden. A method may be implemented by platform-dependent native code


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Classes/Sched Empty Re: Classes/Sched

Post  audrianna on Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:33 am

She is trapped by someone, but the mystery is not revealed till much later in the novel. The grown up heroine of the series makes her appearance in a most stylish manner as she has inherited a large sum of money after the conclusion of the first novel.

Giant Cupcake Tin
Giant Gummi Bears
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Classes/Sched Empty Re: Classes/Sched

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