Seto Kaiba {Genin}

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Seto Kaiba {Genin}

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Name:Tatsuya Kaiba
-Nickname:Kai Or Tatsu-bon



He wears a long white sleeveless KaibaCorp designed coat featuring shoulder pads and a raised studded collar, with black sleeves from his shirt coming out from under. He has extra belts in pairs strapped around his upperarms and shins.

Personality:Seto Has grown up allowing his mind to wander, Almost never concentrating on one thing. He may be In the middle of a friendly spar and Say "Oh NO! I forgot to put the milk in the Fridge!". Some may call him Forgetful but he is not he just lets him mind wander, It may be his Kaiba Genetics allowing him to have a large enough IQ, So that he can Successfully Multi-task. He is also very Silent and lazy, Many times in Kohonas' Forest you will find Seto in deep thought. He also thinks alot not saying much out aloud, But, on the Inside really his mind is racing at 100MPH. It may make him seem Serious but he is not Inside he is messing around. He doesn't make stupid suggestions because he can't, He thinks before he talks and Rules out the bad Suggestions.

Some people will call him lazy but hes not he is just a very relaxed person, He is actually very active but usually he does not train or run around in front of people he doesn't like people respecting him. He likes it when they like him. So if you walk up to him and bow down he will get mad, He doesn't like to be treated special he thinks all people should speak their mind and be treated equally. He almost never concentrates except when somebody's life is on the line then he focuses you don't want to witness him like that because it means someone is in grave Danger. He also has an IQ of 200.

Ninja Rank: Genin
-Element: Katon

History :
Birth Arc:

Tatsuya was born into a normal family his father was Jounin and his mother had quit being a ninja once she broke her ankle really bad and every since she never did heal. Tatsuya lived a nice life with a nice family and nice friends, But one day his father came home with a really big smile on his face.

"What daddy What is it?!?" Asked Tatsuya really excited because something important had to happen maybe his dad had gone up a rank.

"I got you enrolled into Academy for ninja's!" Answered Tatsuya's father. Tatsuya's father's name was Tomaro (T-moRO), Tomoro had signed up Tatsuya because he had been training him bit by bit and he thought that Tatsuya was ready even though it was a year to early Tatsuya was a skilled ninja that Tomaro knew was going to succeed in the ninja life. Even though he had not even started Ninja academy Tatsuya knew three jutsu from vigorous training. One of the jutsu was a clan jutsu and because of that Tomaro was proud of Tatsuya he would bring the clan honor and respect.

"When does Academy start father I want to go right now I will blow everyone away with my jutsu and strength!" Said Tatsuya going to academy was like getting lots of candy to Tatsuya.

"Well if you want it can be done tomorrow," Replied Tomaro. Shigeki was so excited all he did was answer with a jump and he ran off to tell all of his friends. The very next day he started Academy.

Academy Arc:

Tatsuya was a brilliant kid being from the Nara and he always proved people wrong especially the rich ones, So behind Tatsuya's back they were planning to beat him up. That day was also the day of the exams to become a genin Tatsuya was very nervous because he still hadn't gotten the kawarmi jutsu down. Just as he had thought he messed up on the Kawarmi he could see the rich children snickering behind his back they were very happy that he had failed. But they were still going to team up and beat him up.

Tatsuya was walking back home it was night time he hadn't gone home because he was afraid his parents would get mad that he had failed the exam and that he was stupid. While Tatsuya was still deep in thought the Rich children{4 of em'} were still stalking behind Tatsuya ready to attack at the right moment. Just as they were going to attack one of them stepped on a plastic cup making a loud 'CRACK' noise, As soon as Tatsuya heard this he whipped his head around his heart stopped for a moment thinking it might be a assassin. But lucky for Tatsuya it wasn't just four kids that were in Tatsuya's class but wait they were the ones who hated him "Ah the four just-cuz-my-dad-has-alot-of-money-we-are-cool-people-and-better-then-you. How is it going Buddies!" Mocked Tatsuya while getting a smug smile on his face.

All of the rich kids got really mad at him, One the leader even pulled out a kunai. "Yo my good friends Ingoshi watcha doin with that kunai hasn't you mother ever told you not to run with sharp objects!" Mocked Tatsuya yet. That was not a smart thing to say on Tatsuya's watch because this set off Ingoshi he threw the kunai and even before he knew what he was doing he had already made the necessary hand seals for a kawarmi and as soon as the kunai hit him he had tuned into a log. Tatsuya pulled out a kunai of his own and ran behind Ingoshi and put a kunai to his throat.

All of a sudden the was a loud clapping and Tatsuya heard a mans voice that sounded very familiar and it said "Congrats Tatsuya you are now a genin!" Said a man coming out of the darkness Tatsuya Identified him as his academy teacher his teacher also had a headband in his hands "Tatsuya I knew that these boy's were going to try to beat you up because I had over-heard them planning it and I thought of this as a second chance for you and my prediction came true GENIN!" Smiled Yomu very broadly but then his face became very dark and serious "And as for you four you are being demoted back to Academy student." Yomu said this plainly without and feelings in his voice. Tatsuya though Yessss I'm going to High school.

-Village of Birth:Konoha

Theme Song:


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Re: Seto Kaiba {Genin}

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well, what is Katon, then it's APPROVED

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