NEW((Replacing Amaroq,Shikaru and Meizru))

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NEW((Replacing Amaroq,Shikaru and Meizru))

Post  Under Con on Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:06 pm

Name:chiyuki Koori(thousand years of snow and ice)

Clan:From a clan of fire,but has Element of ice,from being born on a blood moon on the first day of winter

Looks:she has a kanji above her right eye carved in at borth(well like a sentence up an ddown really smaall but visible and readable(ice)ICEYHAted(hate)Love Basicilly putting a meaning of Lovely Icey Hate((thats what they were trying to make it into
-Pictures: her skins a tad bit paler

Personality:she is is secretive and intelligent,and doesnt care that she could get mistaken for being a guy due to her short hair.SHE IS VERY KINDHEARTED AND WILL HELP ANY ANIMAL IN NEED SHE IS ALSO VERY SHY AT FIRST GLANCE,she is never seen without her small carry around bag,and she likes sushi and ramen.

Ninja Rank:Chunnin
--Specialtygenjustu,ninjustu and Sword

History :lives with her okama (crossdressing) brother and has become skilled in household chores due to her mother's death when she was born and her fathers suicide,Born with aheart/lung diease,so her clan refused her and throw her out and her older brother,Bandu-ku Followed but he soon died from getting attacked while on a mission so she now lives alone,her heart and lung are keep healthly by daily hospitial visits and training((not to much)) but enough to be chunin rank s

-Village of Birth:Snow

Theme Song:Love like Winter by AFI
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