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Name: Lylia (the daughter of the moon)
-Nickname: Luna-Chan

Gender: Female
Age: 11
Clan: none

Looks: Lylia has ice blue hair with purple eyes. She wears a moon shape necklace. Her Hair is long and goes down to her butt. Hair is normally tied up in a ponytail or bun. She has dark lines under her eyes that symbol that is has a demon dragon in her. Her eye teeth are like fangs. Lylia’s normal cloths are shorts with a blue lace end. And a shirt that does not cover her belly, she wares a short sleeve coat over it. Her coat also hase the blueish lacing like her shorts but not the same blue color as the shorts. On her feet are ninja sandles that are a navy blue. The blue that maches her caots lacing.

Personality: Lylia is a very quiet, shy person. She normally keeps to her self for the most part. She has a hard time opening up. She hates to be out in the sun and to have people pick on her. She is never lazy and always does what is assigned to her without an argument. Then when you get to become her friend she is very happy and can NEVER shut up. She will not be afraid to open up to you and will do almost anything for you. Lylia also trails off when talking to other, either from to deprest of from getting lost in her thoughts.

Ninja Rank: - Genin
-Element: Genin Don't Have Elements.
--Specialty: ninjutsu

History : Lylia was born alone. She has no idea who she was or what she was. Being alone and running was all she knew. When she was born she was in the form of a dragon, not very big, only like, let’s say she was so small she could sit in the palm of your hands! After a few years she learned that she did not always have to be a dragon, she can sit in a human form. Her human for was not quiet complete though, she still had some of her physical dragon traits. She expresses herself by drawing and writing. After a couple more years, she soon learns that the moon gives her power. After a long time Lylia finds an egg, an egg that has the same traits as the one she had hatched from. She keeps it to see what will happen to it. Lylia, who is now at age 5, finds a village, a village that people call the leaf. Lylia hopes to find some kind of happiness here. She keeps herself near the village but not quiet in it, not yet. Finally Lylia gains the courage to enter the village, now at age 11.. seeking what awaits her…

-Village of Birth: None

Theme Song:

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