Rukia's jutsu

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Rukia's jutsu

Post  Lexi on Thu May 22, 2008 6:28 pm

Name: Awaken Inner Tiger level 1
Element: N/A
Type: Bloodline
Effect: The user becomes more like a tiger, making the user go wild and crazy and stronger. The inner tiger form can only be stopped by:The User or the person closest to the user
Downside: user becomes exhausted

Name: Summon-Waning Crescent Moon
Element: Lunar
Type: Ninjutsu/Bloodline
Effect: The user creates a fake waning crescent moon, but the moon looks so real it could barely trick anyone.
Downside: Must be night time to perform jutsu

Name: Tiger form-kitten
Element: N/A
Type: Transformation/Bloodline
Effect: User becomes a baby tiger if the user feels defenseless, sad, or childish.
Downside: can't use any jutsu while in this form and can only turn back if user feels protected, happy, or mature for a few minutes.

<-- Kitten form

Name: Tiger form-Neutral
Effect:User becomes a tiger, BUT only if a waning crescent moon is out, then the jutsu will work. If the user becomes enraged enough, they will transform into the tiger.
Downside:May go crazy while in form, may black out after form.

<-- Neutral

Name:Tiger form-Demonic
Effect:If the user becomes enraged enough, and in the form of Neutral Tiger, the user may change into the demonic form. The user becomes way more powerful.
Downside:Uncontrollable and unstable in form, could cause death to user after form.

<-- Demonic

Name: Light Arrow
Element: Light
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: User shoots an arrow and the arrow becomes surrounded by visible yellow light and pierces and destroys almost anything (doesn't need any hand signs)
Downside: Takes a lot of chakra and need bow and arrows

Name: Summoning Tora
Element: N/A
Type: Summoning
Effect: User signs a blood oath and can summon Tora (tiger) whenever she wants
Downside: Takes a lot of chakra and may pass out

Name: Fire release: Ash Product Burning
Element: Fire
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: shoots a creates a lingering cloud of superheated ash from her mouth.
Downside: Takes a lot of chakra and burns her mouth and tongue temporarily

Name: Fire Release: Phoenix Fire
Element: Fire
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Multiple balls of fire are sent at the target. It is also possible to hide shurikens within the fireballs, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack.
Downside: takes a lot of chakra

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Re: Rukia's jutsu

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