Konan's jutsu

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Konan's jutsu

Post  Lexi on Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:21 pm

Name: God's Divine Strike

Element: paper

Type: Ninjutsu

Effect: Like most of her jutsu, she doesn't have to do hand seals because she can actually control paper. And like her other jutsu, she uses paper. Konan will have the paper that peels from her start form into various straight swords, without the hilt or guard, just the blade. Once she has a large number of them flying around she will have them come crashing down at the enemy ready to penetrate every inch of their body.

Downside: takes a lot of chakra and she must have paper

Name: Rain of death

Element: paper

Type: NInjutsu

Effect: Without hand seals, she will have her paper form into various shurikens, kunai, paper bullets, spikes, and senbon. Once they all form she will rain them down upon the enemy, in a way like her God's Divine Strike Tech
nique. The paper must have already been peeled from her body and floating the air for this jutsu to be performed.

Downside: takes a lot of chakra and she must have paper

Name: Sword Of Heaven

Element: Paper

Effect: Konan will have the paper peel away from her skin and form into a straight sword, about three and a half feet long(the blade). Once the sword is formed she can combat hand-to-hand although she is not that great at it, she is an equivalent to Orochimaru. Like the Kusanagi, her sword can stretch by adding more paper to it. The other ability of the sword is when it comes into contact it can dis-attach, then re-attach and continue the strike. It can never really be destroyed unless it is burnt by fire.

Downside: Needs paper

Name: Paper Form

element: paper

effect: jutsu that is active almost all the time, especially during battle. Konan is able to peel paper away from her skin, and uses it to attack her opponents. But to do this, she has to be in this Paper form. Other benefits of this paper form are being strong against taijutsu/kenjutsu(it doesn't really effect her(Including Kaguya bone))

downside: being weaker against most elements(fire, lightning, water, and ice), and being able to "dodge" easier.

Name: Hectic Whorism
Range: -20 inches-
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: By utilizing her body in a tight snag, Konan will slump her stomach against an either unsuspecting, or poor victim, and create an average sized seipukku blade from her stomach. If sucessful, it will rid through an opponent's innards and result in perfect death. But, Konan will be covered in the opponent's blood until it dries. Leaving a nasty residue on the cloak of her Robe, leaving her open for Freezing? attacks.

Name: Sweet Insanity.
Range: 30 feet. [Octagon.]
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu.
Description: Using mental warfare, Konan will turn into a door-sized peice of white paper, and uncountably multiply into exact replica's of the original, all bearing an image of Konan herself. these doors, however many there are, will surround and encase an opponent, if they are trapped properly in an octagonal prison of Konan's image. Muxch like the crystal ice mirrors, Konan only occupies on of the doors, but she flickers in a twiirling motion in each one. Like rotating doors, they will show off different poses of Konan, and only one with an Eye based ninja trait can discern one from the rest.
Throwing an Opponent into madness, Konan will actually slash at an opponent from out of the Paper doors, leaving them confused and of course irratated with their lack of ability to find her. [^_^]

Name: Sanctuary Horsewomen.
Range: Three feet Range.
Rank: A
Description: Konan will use up her entire body for this ninjutsu, and will disappear and form herself into the shape of four horse women. Lust, Vanity, Envy, and Sloth. Each will trample over an opponent, but deliver no more damage than what is given.

Name: Sweet Assylum [Imaginary Conviction.]
Range: !0 feet.
Rank: S
Type: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Description: Trapping an opponent in a genjutsu, then leaving them alone in a desperatelty creepy feild of pink flowers with a purple sky, Konan is nowhere to be found. An opponent can freak out as much as they wisdh here, but they realize the flowers turn into blades, and violently rip off skin from the victim, finely dicing an opponent up, and leaving nothing but a red spray of blood where the human used to be. However, this is Konan's signature finishing jutsu, and should be taken highly seriously.
Once an opponent is hit by a flurry of Paper, and suspended, they are considerably left there to die. BUT, to be fair, they are able to substitute themselves, to keep themselves alive.
Unique pattern of cutting, just like black butterfly storm.

Name: All the cranes of heaven.
Rank: B
Range: -in one direction- 20 feet.
Type: Origami Ninjutsu.
Description: But Dispersing her lower half, Konan creates a flock of twenty Cranes, which, spread out into a ladder form, fly in direct angles, and cut very precisely. Only going forwards and exactly left and right, these cranes are easy to avoid when in formation.

Name: Paper wings
Type: ninjutsu
Element: paper
Effect: Konan uses paper to make wings so she can fly around
Downside: none

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Re: Konan's jutsu

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