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kyubi's jutsus

Post  Kyubi on Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:06 am

Name:ryuu sou giri
Element: fire
Type: ninjutsu
Effect: user makes his/her hand a dragon claw covered in fire
Downside: claw is heavy user must be very strong to use this technique

Type: ninjutsu
Effect:user becomes 2 X faster
Downside: none

Name:summon dragon
Element: fire
Type: summoning
Effect: user summons a dragon to help him/her
Downside: requires a lot of chakra and if user doesnt have a good chakra control the dragon may come small,stupid,deformed etc...

Name:transform into inner beast
Element: none
Type: ninjutsu
Effect: user becomes his/her inner animal
Downside:user depending on the animal may lose control of his body and after the transformation user may faint due to the amount of chakra wasted in this jutsu

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