Kurisu's Jutsu (Kekkai genkai moves included)

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Kurisu's Jutsu (Kekkai genkai moves included)

Post  Kurisu on Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:59 am

Kekkei Genkai

Name: Activation
Element: darkness (earth + sound?)
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Not much really. Causes the ability to use Kekkei Genkai Jutsu. Physically thogh, much happens.

When activating the Bloodline, Kurisu's eyes turn a deep, ebony color, looking similar to black obsidian. On top of this, a strange tatoo mark, spreads from the corners of his eyes, down his cheecks, and along his arms.
Downside: No downside yet, some wasted chakra, but body is perfectly normal in it's state of helathness.

Name: Piercing Darkness
Element: Darkness
Type: Combined Nin-Gen
Effect: Well, one of two things. It has the ability, if it is light outside, to suck all joy, light and hapiness from the surrounding area. This can manifest itself in many different forms. It could mean that suddenly there is a sudden lack of light, initiating complete darkness, or it could mean, that on a sunny day in a green field, the gras begins to wither, the sky becomes overcast, and a sense of sorrow, and foreboding despair will descend upon those in the area, the field aroudn them causing a feeling of something ominous, or depressing.

At the same time, if it is already dark, or if this jutsu causes darkness, Kurisu's eyes allow him to see the reality of the area. He sees the area for what it truly is, without the tampering his jutsu has done, allowing him to gain a slight advantage. His eyes also allow him to see in the dark.
Downside: After prolonged use, small bruises begin to appear along the length of the tatoos, which glow during use of Kekkei Genkai jutsu.

Name: Choking Fear
Element: darkness
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: This jutsu, causes the feild to remain the same, and instead target's the opponent. A darkness isnide them searches, for their deepest darkest fears, causing those fears to manifest themselves, in the user's eyes, into Kurisu. ex. If opponent feared death, they would see Kurisu as an incarnate of the reaper himself. THis allows Kurisu more opportunity to be able to do damage etc.
Downside: Causes large, dark purple bruises along the lengths of the arm tatoos, and small brusing appears aroudn the bottoms of the eyes.

Name: Dark Blade
Element: darkness
Type: Ninjutsu
Effect: Any darkness/shadows/fear/doubt etc. in the area, or minds of peopel, around Kurisu, begin to be drawn out, and manifest themselves in physical form. THis physical form is that of an obsidian katana. This Katana has two abilities to it. Extension and Ethereality. Enxtension, allows Kurisu to change it's size, depending on how much of the contributing factors are present in the area. (ex. If Choking fear is in effect, blade would be much bigger, then if he were somewhere happy and carefree.).

Ethereal, allows Kurisu to cause emotional, and psychological pain in the place of physical. Through the use of chakra, Kurisu can cause the blade to become etheral, meaning it will pass harmlessly throught he target. Though, the target will not realize it, they are in no way harmed. However, the feeling of the cold steel inside them, combined with the sight of the blade shoved through them, will cause their mind to perceive pain. In other words, though their body suffers no damage, in their mind, they suffer through the same amopunt of pain they would with a real sword.
Downside: When creating the blade, small scratches begin to appear along the arms.

While extending the sword, cuts deepen, and tiny scratches appear on face.

When using Ethereality, Cuts deepend more, arms bleed a good amount, and face cus begin to widen and deepen. IF held too long, any parts ofthis jutsu could cause Kurisu to pass out from blood loss, due to cuts.


Name: Substitution
Element: none
Type: Nin
Effect: Switches with an item in the area to dodge an attack
Downside: uses chakra, and if nothign is switchable with, is useless.

Name: Clone
Element: none
Type: Nin
Effect: Creates a duplicate of the user
Downside: Cuts Chakra into equal parts depending on howmany clones are made, due to this, Kurisu can only create one at a time.

Name: Henge
Element: none
Type: Nin
Effect:Transform into another image
Downside: none

Name: Fireball
Element: (Fire
Type: (Ninjutsu,
Effect: Creates a ball of flames, which is sustained by exhalation.
Downside: Chakra, if used in to small a space, may burn oxygen up to pass out, or may even cause slight burns on user.

Name: Cancel
Element: none
Type: Genjutsu
Effect: Releases self or target from a genjutsu
Downside: must recognize genjutsu furst.


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