Reai's first jutsus.

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Reai's first jutsus.

Post  Zephon on Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:08 pm

Name:Cureing palm.
Type:More of Chakra Attunted and Medical Arts.
Effect:Makes green chakra come in the palm of the user. It will cure a wound or a sprained limb
Downside:Doesn't work well at times. Cannot use to often.

Name:Body heal.
Element: N/a
Type:Medical arts.
Effect: Heals things suck as being paralized, a broken limb, or even just a cut.
Downside: Uses 3/4 of chakra.

Effect: Shinoahi makes a water blast form inside the users hand and a wave of water hit the oppenent in the back sending them towards the user to let the blast hit them easier.
Downside: Can only be used twice a day, unless demon than 4 times.

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Re: Reai's first jutsus.

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