Kaleb's first five jutsus

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Kaleb's first five jutsus

Post  Kaleb on Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:01 pm

Name: Terra Shot
Element: Earth
Type: Chakra Attuned/Elemental
Effect: Kaleb aims his arm gun at the ground and fires a chakra bullet into the ground and the bullet burrows through the ground in a straight line toward a target, then Kaleb uses his Chakra to cause the bullet fire out of the ground and then detonates sending rock shards flying in all directions. This attack is best used when the target has put up a protective dome since the attack digs under teh dome and then detonates inside giving the target no where to go.
Downside: It requires a good amount of concentration

Name: Rose Thorns
Element: Metal
Type: Chakra Attuned
Effect: Kaleb charges up his arm gun and releases a large amount of chakra bullets toward a target riddling them with bullets, it is best used when fighting large amount of targets.
Downside: His aim is thrown off form the kick back of the gun.

Name: Electro orb
Element: Lightning
Type: Elemental
Effect: The Gun that is on Kaleb's right arm collects lightning from the surrounding area and forms a single large orb of lightning, Kaleb then fires the Orb of lightning at the target and thanks to it being made of lightning anything that get within one foot of it gets shocked by the lightning that flies off of it, and then when it smashes into some it will injure them and stun them for two of their post.
Downside: uses chakra

Name: Sonic Cannon
Element: Sound
Type: Chakra Attuned
Effect: The gun on Kaleb's right arm glows blue and starts making a low humming noise as it rapidly spins, then it fires out a large blast of sound that causes anything that it hits to vibrate so fast that it falls apart, the attack is so strong that it will go through one target and continue on flying hitting anything in a straight line for up to five targets before it runs out of energy.
Downside: It will hurt anyone that is in the way whither it be friend or foe

Name: Meteor shot
Element: Fire
Type: Elemental
Effect: A single large ball of molten rock and fire is formed with the use of Kaleb's chakra and is then fired at a target doing a very large amount of damage, it is mostly used to destroy protective barriers and walls since it isn't a very fast attack. But from close range it is very deadly.
Downside: It uses up a good amount of chakra and is a not a very fast attack.

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Re: Kaleb's first five jutsus

Post  Nayumi on Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:58 pm

some interesting jutsus there

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