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Aimee Bortoel

DrAmA QuEeN Thebasics

Power Level: Beta power level
Character Age:28(1o years infected)
Location:Leaf Village((somehow XP))

DrAmA QuEeN Themind
[size=150]PERSONALITY [/size]

Aimee's Personality:She is a rather Outgoing girl with a cheery personality ,which throw most people off due to her looks and her clothing style.She also loves to party hard,Drinking and smoking just for the hell of it.


*Partying(Drinking and dancing and such)
*Singing/Playing Instruments


*people who touch her without asking
*People who annoy her
*being alone

DrAmA QuEeN Physical

Eye Colour:Dark Blue nearly Black
Hair colour:Black,Always has streaks of some color in it
Distinguishing marks/flaws:[/.b]scar under left eye,and tattoos adorning her skin,and pericings

Dresses rather like a cyberpunk/Rave/gothic lolita or in tomboyish clothing. Standing at about 5'1'' she will almost be alwas found wearing two inch or higher heels,very agile and flexible. She has no issue wearing a size two small of clothes or a size too big

Appearance:((Dont own these pictures)
DrAmA QuEeN 326140
<< human form

DrAmA QuEeN Dacingwolfgirl
< when Partial Shift

[b]The Animal

Her form is about three feet tall and five feet and a quarter of an inch long,She isnt a normal orange fox,Shes pure silver in color with three tails and dark eyes..

DrAmA QuEeN White_3tail_fox

DrAmA QuEeN Thepower

[size=85]Delete area's which are not applicable to your species[/size]

BASIC SPECIES POWERS: listWhatever the Average Beta has

Can shift at will.
An ability to resist transforming.
Can hold back from the change, but the pull of the moon still has full control over them.
Stress Level has to be high for a forced shift.
Not close to hybrid,can only get eyes and ears and half a tail.
Infection immunity
Perfers to sleep after a shift but normally is just very tired.
Fast Healing
Communication with Foxes


Is very good at mind games
very skilled Gymnast
good with Art type things
normaly pretty good with balance
Quick learner


Shes a bit headstrong and will charge into things without thought
Very Clumsy when she gets nervous.
The moon

DrAmA QuEeN Thestory

Born to Delaney and David Peltiersa, in Yeovil i.upon the day the world knew as April fools.Before her father and mother moved with her to Sydney,Aust.

Growing up she was always an odd child, with pale white skin, round full so dark of a blue eyes that they looked black followed with long dark black hair.
She was never into the girl girly stuff but rather liked to play in the mud and dig for bugs with her father, Her view upon the world changed though when she was just fifteen, Her view before then had been take life slow and easy, but at fifteen she had been in a car accident with her father her getting out with only minor injuries and gaining the scar beneath her eye,her father however had died while in Surgery. The Death of her Father causing her to start smooking out of depression. The ages of sixteen to eighteen were the years of her getting the lip piercing and ear pressings along with her multiple tattoos.She Had graduated from the High school with Honors but decided not to go to college preferring just a high school diploma.

The Attack had happened on the eve of her 19th birthday ,It was a full moon night but was very cloudy,so having told her mom she was going to spend the night at a friends doing nothing,which she did the first part of going over to her friends.Her and her Friend snuck out and into the local bar early in the day,Her and the friend had been walking home,She didnt notice her friend was struggling with something Internally, when her friend suddenly stopped, and told her to run,and being as buzzed as she was,she did run,not realizing at all that the noise she thought to be pavement and leaves crunching beneath her feet was really the crunching and crackling rearrangement of bones,She had been about a twenty feet away when she tripped falling onto her knees,skinning both,laughing in all her drunkenness, She didn't notice that her friend hadn't caught up to her but this large fox had, Its eyes had turned upon her as she sat watching the blood of her skinned knees and palms well up dripping to the sidewalk, She turned still laughing then every thing went black.

Getting used to it,It took some time of course,she never told her mother what had happened,after staying in her friends condo for almost a year,half of that getting over the Sickness of being bit. During the said sickness ,she thought she was going to die from the excruiating pain. Little had she known what exactly was happening just that her friend was worried and kept her in a room,monitering her,Once her friend explained to her that he was now a werefox. Her reaction to learn such was pure disbelief and mutterings of crazy b*tch what are you on... at least until that first full moon. she felt something stir within her Painfully. And whatever stired within her was reactioniing to the moons shape.She was scared and confused by the first few hundred shiftings before beginning to feel an attachment to her other half. Once she had gone home and ended up moving out within the week after Per her friends intruction.

It took her about 5 years to get used to the pain of shifting and upon working with her animal side. Her Friend had been the omega in the clan she was in taking her to the Alpha after the sickness so he could begin helping her with her control her beast and for the next years. Quickly She began to climb in the ranks before the others of the small pack,sliding up the ranks to Beta...that Is until his murder in the week before her sixteenth birthday. she continued working on her self control alone,before taking her mother back to Yeovil, to spend her dieing days upon the earth of her birthplace(the mother of course),Burying her mother next to her ancestors. As a cause of losing her mother just days before her birthday, she began losing herself in the world of Drugs,Sex,Wild parties,Late nights and all of that stuff.

Her mother didnt have much to give her when she died,except for a small amount of money which Aimee left in the banks, For A Living she is a freelance author,and does random jobs around the towns weather it be Newpaper delivery or an Avoen((supposed to be like Avon)) representive.Althought one day during a lighting torm in her town She vanished....Landing inone her her favorite anime worlds...The Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto.

DrAmA QuEeN Thewriter

Under Con

Detention Teacher as well as the Drama Teacher

Ookami Clan

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Drama Queen(1)Mercury(2)Jupiter(3)

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