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Post  Azurefrozj on Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:40 am

Name: Hirmoni Saruya
-Nickname: Saruya

Gender: Female
Clan: cat demon

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Personality: Smiles not so much, show people frown.

Ninja Rank:
-Element: Water
All round (Nin, Gen,Tai,Med)

History :
Himona Saruya was born in the leaf village. Sometime people inore her, making it hard to get any friends. She was always felt lonely and wanted find someone she love. She felt love by one boy and they are going out though she feel there was something about kyo she like. And decided to enroll school and pass with flying colors. Then she enroll in the highschool.

-Village of Birth: Leaf Village


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Post  SweetHeaven on Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:46 am


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Post  audrianna on Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:11 am

Disko approached the bar slowly from the now closed doorway, metallic hooves clanging noisily against the ground. Hazy eyes emotionlessly shifted from person to person at the bar as he moved but no interest was given to any of the occupants here. He'd stop at the bar's edge and sit on the floor as if it were just another chair, both legs doing their usual and folding beneath him with a slight metallic screech as a hoof dragged across the floor somewhat. Being one who spoke not unless spoken to first, he simply proceeded to study the floor.. He saw dirt.
Dawn Chaos Elemental blinks slowly, then closes her eyes and lays her head back on the table, acting more like a puppet than anything else. Once again, she'd zone out before gasping as Justyce touched her shoulder. "Wh... wha...." She'd blink slowly, then rub her forehead, realising what happened. "... I'm... I'm all right...." She'd murmur, eyes down on the bar as she tried to sort out what happened. The screech of metal would make her cringe a bit.
Bryce Harrison looks to Dawn and raising an eyebrow, then looks to Wazi as she kept keeps sharpening the blade. She catches her mumblings, then blinks. "Psst" She says, to get her attention, then holds her hand out, palm upwards, to Wazi. Her eyes started to glow purple as she sent her an image, which would play out in Wazi's mind on a 'screen' in her hand. THe image showed Wazi putting the knife away, affizing it onto her belt or placed in a simple sheath. It then reset to her sharpening her blade again, only showing her getting up and heading outside to one of the comfortable seats outside to sharpen her blade. THe image then reset once more, showing her sharpening her blade again, only this time there was a red X drawn onto it. Once again, the image reset, showing her the two options available to her again, as well as the action she shouldn't be doing, again crossed out in a bold, red 'x'.

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