Leaf - Hyuga Kyino

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Leaf - Hyuga Kyino

Post  sangbmt on Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:12 pm

Name: Hyuuga Kyino

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Clan: Hyuga

Allegiance: Leaf (konoho)

Hair colour: Dark Blue

Looks: Has wavy black blue hair and is usually seen wearing a white hooded top (with the hood down) and artic cameo trousers his eyes are of the colour byukagen white and usually has no emotion shown on his face

Height: 137 cm (about 4ft 5)

Personality: cool thinker

Likes: training, cats, pushing himself to the limit for the clan

Dislikes: girls who waste his time and team mates who are Regretful

Ninja Class: Genin

Crushes: no one ,never wants one

Skills: 64 palm strike , jukken fighting style, water techniques

Specialties: understanding

Special moves: water wing defence

Brief Summary of Character/ History:
He is part of the main branch to the family but is not the heir although he wants to be the heir his parents have always said no leaving him to hate the heir and his family he secretly trains his byukagen so he can one show his power to the heir and to his parents. He also trains on water techniques hoping one day to learn techniques the 2nd hokage studied. He has created a water defence technique where the water surrounds the user in a wing shape making him invulnerable to some attacks but it take lots of charka to use it so only one move can be blocked. He moulds his chakra into the water forming a wing shaped that surrounds him like a shield and engulfs him completely but takes allot of chakra and cannot be maintained for long and can only be used once or twice in a battle

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