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Charater Template.
Airi on Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:40 pm

-Nickname: Em

Clan:she doesn't have one

Looks:MUST BE 2 LINES (pictures are of course optional)
-Pictures:Emi 15750141_4

Personality: out goin not afraid to say any thing and is a dreamer she has a kind voice and tries to make others confedent

Ninja Rank: -genin
taijutsu and genjutsu
History :
Emi is a wealthy strait A student that needs to get a job and stop muchoing off of her parents but she has a kind heart and knows when to talk and to shut up her family consists of three sister one brother and her parents her parents r never home and don't no how to say no but she loves them and she cares for all the parties she goes too.
-Village of Birth:cloud

Theme Song:
Welcome to the Family by avenge sevefold


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