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Looks:long brown red hair with peircing black eyes a stramge blue tattoo on her right arm.standing at about 5'6''
-Pictures:New first AkatsukiChick

Personality:Usa is a rather kick your ass at the smallest insult type ,she has a short fuse when it comes to certian things on certian days but moost days she just hates guys in general.she is a bookworm and an artist .

Ninja Rank:Chunin
-Element: Earth
--SpecialtyWeapons Mistress

History :Usa had been born in the sound village to Orochimaru and a rape victim ,Her mother Kirazaki had been a woman with powerful chakra(like orochimarus).

When usa was born,she had very little of a chakra signature(she has maybe 25 percent of her moms) and she still does,she doesnt fight using any chakra((maybe a little..) she was trained instead to use all sorts of weapons,Swords,knives,whips and many more.

Usa moved to the leaf village to go to school on her own,she will be in her final year of schooling .

-Village of Birth:Sound

Theme Song:.Still Doll(vampire knight ending )
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