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Post  Airi on Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:45 am

Name:Rita Mordio

Clan:Cat demon

-Pictures:Rita Mordio Rita_2

Personality:Rita is very stand up and she says what is on her mind and likes to hit kyo on the head alot and she hates idiots

Ninja Rank:Chunin
-Element: Fire

History :Rita past not very clear she arrived in the leaf village about 5 years ago and went to school , her best friends are Mio , Kyo , Yaka , she known for being straightforward and she is one of guardians of Mio , but she secretly has crush on Yaka but hides it , she loves to study spends most her days in the library

-Village of Birth:N/A

Theme Song: Ring a Bell By Bonnie Pink

Rita Mordio YoKo-sig50beta
Rita Mordio Merupuri-09
Rita Mordio Image

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