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Name: Suluna Gyowa

Gender: Female
Clan: none

Suuna Gyowa Anime_girl_6652

Personality: Excited about new things, kind, careful, always trying to look happy, loves making people smile.

Ninja Rank: Chuunin
-Element: Fire

History :
Suuna was raise in the leaf village. She loved hanging out with her friends and love hanging out with them. Sometimes they got in trouble. She used to live with her parents until one they left and never came back, later they were found died. She act nervous around people sometimes and try not to mess up. Suuna started thinking about one boy and ended up having a crush on him. Suuna enroll in the highschool and later figured out he went there. She acts really nervous around him and hoped someday she could be his love.

-Village of Birth:
Leaf Village

Theme Song:

Akari Amv

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