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Misaki Furumiya Empty Misaki Furumiya

Post  Airi on Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:03 pm

Name:Misaki Furumiya

Gender: Female

-Pictures:Misaki Furumiya AyuzawaMisakiCharacterCD-MaidSide

Personality:Misaki is very funn loving and good and thoughtful and she allways defends her friends from bullys and pimps

Ninja Rank:Chunin
-Element: Lighting
--Specialty Taijustu

History :Misaki has allways been fun loving girl and all been there for her friends ever since she been around them , but long time ago she went out with a guy named Kyo she went out with him for lon time before finding out he cheated on her and she ran away from her life that had him in it and she has started go school at leaf villiage for new start with everything

-Village of Birth:Lighting

Theme Song:

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Misaki Furumiya Empty Re: Misaki Furumiya

Post  <3Hiko&Airi<3 on Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:07 am

xD you forgot the gender, but otherwise it's approved

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