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H I D A N 飛段;;

was not born into a shinobi clan.

*Hidan CharacterHidansmokingisbadmmmkay
Shoulder-length grey hair meticulously slicked back each morning frames Hidan's bright violet eyes. His painted fingernails brush over his prized silver rosary many times a day as he prays to an invisible and malevolent god.

Above all, Hidan considers himself a devoutly religious man. He worships his god of the Jashin cult day after day and completes the rituals of self-injury and homicide. The former is occasionally troublesome, but the latter gives him immense pleasure. And when his intense sadistic urges are satiated in the same breath as his lesser masochistic ones, the action produces an insane sort of euphoria.

His less-insane personality traits include an unhealthy, overinflated ego, a superiority complex due to his religious beliefs, and the same hotheadedness that has gotten him beheaded many a time. Furthermore, he is incredibly rude, granting even a minute amount of respect to very few apart from his god, and sports a devil-may-care attitude.

Shinobi Rank: defected.
He can kill another instantly with one stab to his own heart after first satisfying several conditions.

*Hidan PSHIDANcopy
Hidan was born in Yugakure during a time in which the village produced a heavy output of shinobi and was immersed in war. He had been a well-behaved, obedient boy until the time came for him to prepare to become a part of Yugakure's military forces. Years of rigorous training and brainwashing caused him first to become increasingly distant to his family and then discover his sadistic side, much to the misfortune of his enemies. When Yugakure abandoned its shinobi ways and devolved into a mere tourist town, he was incensed. In a rage, he murdered his neighbors before leaving the village. He later ran into a few members of the very small cult of Jashinism and, finding its doctrines peculiarly similar to his own interests, converted to the religion. If someone asked Hidan and received a straight answer, he'd claim that he eventually sold his soul and will to the god in exchange for the inability to age or die. Indeed, his immortality appears to be entirely seamless.

He joined the Akatsuki in his early 20's and was partnered with Kakuzu. Later, on Pein's idiotic (in his opinion) and meaningless whim, he was forced to enroll in college. It wasn't like he needed any scholastic talent to continue on with his career path of slaughtering everything in sight, but he didn't have a choice. Obviously, he doesn't try at all in school and therefore is receiving piss-poor grades.

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