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Name: Jiro Sucebe
-Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male
Clan: N/A

Jiro AnimeGuy

Personality: Always listening Peaceful, Passivised, don't not like hurting people unless his is force to, protective people who doesn't say this about him being blind and about things that has meaning to him.

Ninja Rank: Chuunin
-Element: Lighting
--Specialty Taijutsu

History : Jiro is 16. When Jiro was younger he still stare in the sky and at the sun alot. One day some kids told dare him to keep looking at the sun, and when he did, started becoming blind. Eventually he woke up one day and couldn't see anything. When people looks at him his eyes were lighter then usual only to find out he was blind. He hears things better then he did before. And began to sense people present around him like he could see again but he couldn't. He went to the academy and surprisingly pass over most of his classmate. And wento to the highschool.

-Village of Birth: Cloud

Theme Song:

Akari Amv

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