Sodoma and Kreado

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Sodoma and Kreado

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Name: Sodoma Meneka
-Nickname: Doma

Gender: Male
Clan: N/A


Personality: Sodoma is smart, he is easy to temp. into a fight but only fights when its necessary. He's nice to people. And can be very volient guy in situation.

Ninja Rank: Chuunin
-Element: Lighting

History :
Sodoma is 16 year old. Him and his brother was born in the leaf village. He is Kreado's twin but he is the oldest one. Sodoma and Kreedo sparred a lot with each, most of the time Sodoma loses by a long shot. Sodoma has the ability to sense nearby people and can memorize characteristics. Since they parents leave then at 5, they raise each other though they do have sibling problem for time to time, but they live great. They decide to go to the academy to become a ninja and he graduate. Then he went to the highschool.

-Village of Birth: Leaf village

Theme Song:

Akari Amv

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Re: Sodoma and Kreado

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