Kiko Nagasaki

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Kiko Nagasaki

Post  bribear on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:28 pm

Name: Kiko Nagasaki
-Nickname: Kiki

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Clan: Nagasaki

Looks: Kiko has long black hair with slight curls at the end. Her eyes are a golden brown, which is often considered to be yellow. She tends to be compared to a cat because of that feature. Kiko is about 5'4 and often finds herself looking up when she has to talk to people.

Personality: Kiko isn't exactly what you would call the friendly type. She isn't very trusting, but she is willing to do almost anything for the people that she does care about. She tends to come off as rude, but it's never on purpose. She is very outspoken and open minded, so she won't hesitate to try something new. Unfortunately, this causes her to take big risks and puts her in danger at times.

Ninja Rank: Chunnin
-Element: Water
--Specialty Taijutsu

History : Kiko is from a clan of honorable, highly respected people. She lived a privliged life, happy, and carefree as a child. Yet, when she turned 11, the person that she cared about the most, her own father, touched her. He touched her in a way that wouldn't be considered appropriate. It started with touching, then moved to something much much worse. Soon after, Kiko became a very isolated person, very angry and filled with hate. She began to get into countless fights with other children at school, and this meant that she would have to be home schooled. Not her favorite idea. Once she got the news of being home schooled, at the age of 13 she told her mother about what her father did to her. Instead of understanding and sorrow, she got rage and a stinging slap to the face. Her mother told her to get out of the house, to go find some where else to live. Deep down she had always had a feeling that her mother knew, that her mother just didn't want to ruin her reputation. She was sent to this school as an excuse for her mother to give to her friends and family. "Kiko is off at boarding school" she would say with a fake smile. Just the thought of it always made her feel sick.

-Village of Birth: Namigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)

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Re: Kiko Nagasaki

Post  <3Hiko&Airi<3 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:56 am

approved, have fun Smile

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