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Name: Yurusito Fomi

Gender: Male
Clan: None


Personality: Smart. Easily provoked by people trying to attack him. Take most things like it a joke. Cocky adititude. Can be cruel when trying to make a point. And normally imporvising.

Ninja Rank:Chuunin
-Element: Lighting

History :
Yurusito Fomi is 17 years old. He was born in the cloud village but move to leaf when he was 7 years old. At first no one really liked him because he wasn't from the village. But he then started to try talking to the villages to try getting to know him. After three years they didn't mind him living there. He was accepted into the academy and ended up graduating it. He then enrolled in the highschool with a cocky adititude and made some enemies.

-Village of Birth: Cloud Village

Theme Song:


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