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Name: Edge G. Uchiha
-Nickname: Edu

Gender: Male
Clan: Uchiha


Personality: Edge is very active, mostly is on guard when it comes to fight, he is ready to kill if it is nessesary to, he can be cold hearted, presuasive, honorable, He attends to hide his solf side, and he is very determate.

Ninja Rank: Special Chuunin
-Element: Fire, Wind

History : He is 18 years old. His parents was on a trip in sand for a week, his mother was nine months after the week, Edge Green Uchiha was born in sand, even though both of his parents are from leaf. He is well known around the leaf and sand village. He got his sharingan when he was eight years old. Later that year, he was enroll in the leaf academy. He hung out by himself sometimes and most of the classmates liked him. He graduated and went and enroll into the highschool. Which put up a challenge for him which he tries to gain power. He eventually got a complete sharingan.

-Village of Birth: Sand

Theme Song: