Lenneth Uchiha

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Lenneth Uchiha

Post  Airi on Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:36 pm

Name: Lenneth Uchiha

Clan: Tengu


Personality:She very sweet but also teases her sisters and brother alot and her friends she cool , loves to have fun , normaly told thats she bitch or many other things

Ninja Rank: Jounin
-Element: Water

History : Lenneth past is hardly known by many , her mother died/ killed when she only 12 and she worked hard to kill the man killed her mother and she married To sosuke Uchiha , she hates the thought having children , allwats says her , Airi job to bear children and she is very old and is guardian , a protecter for up above heavens and fights with her husband , sosuke , she has many things she does but goal is still unknown and she is also Heir to clan even though she does take it she and she is closet to her dad more anyone else in her clan , she has come now to become teacher at teh school for abit aswell to she her sister and do bit drinking getting to know more people
-Village of Birth:N/A

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