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Kasumi Mana

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Name: Kasumi Mana

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Clan: none


Personality: Kasumi is a very polight and loving girl. In English, Kasumi's name means 'Mist' and her last name, Mana, means 'love' so her name is 'Loving Mist'. Kasumi loves everyone and is always trying to help people that look like they need help. But the problem is, she is very shy. Although she wants to do something, she is always afraid that she'll screw it up, so she trys to watch from afar.

Ninja Rank: Chunnin
-Element: Earth and Water
--Specialty:Genjutsu, and Taijutsu

History: Kasumi was a little girl who was born in the Hidden Mist Village. She didn't like her past living there in the Mist Village. Her and her family had had many encounters with the one who is now an Akatsuki member, Kisame. Her father has always defeated Kisame, but he never stopped comming back to attack once more. One day Kisame came back and Kasumi's parents weren't there. Her older brother was though. He tryed to protect Kasumi with his life. In the end, her brother had been slaughtered by Kisame. It all happened in front of Kasumi's eyes. She was four years old at this time. She couldn't fend for herself. That was when, Kisame, kidnapped her and took her with him. He always tryed to train her to be like him since she had enough talent to preform his jutsus. She had learned the Water Shark jutsu from him and Water Suname. But otherwise, when she grew and she was finally six years old, she refused to preform anymore jutsu's from Kisame. So he dropped her off in the middle of nowhere. She had no clue what to do, she was so scared but she managed to find a surplus of water and food that she would use for survival. She traveled through villages and she made it to the Leaf Village and she hid out there for until she was old enough to go into the Genin exams and find money to get herself a place to stay. When she turned 16, she had an awful experience. She had a boyfriend, and they were really into each other. But one day he had asked her to marry him. She was so happy but she was so nervous too. She said yes. But she never told him that she was having an affair with another guy. She felt so guilty, so she knew she had to tell her fiance that she couldn't do this because she was with someone else. He got very upset and he hit her for it. He had a ring on and he had cut her across the cheek, and left a gash. She knew that it would leave a scar, but she knew that the other guy would know about this too. So she lost both of the guys and was in very deep trouble. Her life just kept getting worse from then on.

-Village of Birth: Hidden Mist Village

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