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Post  SqUiShY1996 on Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:11 pm

Name: Naomi
-Nickname: Nay-Nay

Gender: female
Age: 17
Clan: N/A


Personality: Naomi is a very outgoing girl…she always protects her friends and family no matter what. She is really active nd belives in wat is right! She is also not afraid to speak her mind.

Ninja Rank: - chuunin
-Element: earth
Specialty: ninjutsu

History :
Naomi grew up in a family of 6 including her. She had her mom, dad, 2 brothers. 1 sister, and her. One day when she came home from hanging out with her friends she found her parents dead and her brothers and sister gone. Naomi ran away to a friends house and stayed there for a bit. She later left to try to go find her family but had no luck. She came across the town, Kohona, and decided to stay there, but she still had her mind set on finding the person who took her family.

-Village of Birth: sand

Theme Song: Fireflies by Owl City

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Re: Naomi

Post  <3Hiko&Airi<3 on Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:16 pm

ok, I'm happy to say tht ths is approved.

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