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Name:Hitsugaya Roun

Age: 16 [ by looks but is really 1001]
Clan: Tena and Roun


Personality: He is very stubbon like his father and never back down from fight and loves to hang and loves to train and fight but is very protective of his twin sister

Ninja Rank:jounin
Element: Wind and ice
Specialty :swordsmenship

History : Hitsu is the twin brother of ranka and the son of Hikari he has lived for long time in deamon world untill he was seprated from his sister put into human world where he has trained very hard so he can protect his sister , and he longs to see his motehr once again , he allways carrys his sword around with him and likes hang out but can be very werid if you do not understand him fully and when he turns into full deamon that lures in side f him he get alot taller and older but there not many people that have sen him like that but he wishes to kill his grandfather for what he did to his father and his mother and hopes find his sister so they both can kill tehre grandfather togther.

Village of Birth:N/A
Theme Song:


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