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Name: Goreju, Kayel
-Nickname: Kay

Gender: Male
Clan: Goreju

Looks: Starting, with his hair, Kayel Goreju has blood red hair with black high lights every so often. The hair is said to look like it had been stained with hundreds of ninja’s blood. Most of the hair is short except he has 4 long Braids that go down to the bottom of his bottom. Each braid has a noiseless chime on it and a long golden cloth with tribal markings on them. Kayel‘s face was mostly covered from the bangs. His eyes are blood red just as his hair but has a different tale behind them. Kay is blind in his left eye, so it is faded a bit with some shade of gray. His top fang's are a little longer than the rest of his teeth. His skin is a pale, with a hint of a light peach color. On his stomach/abs' are tribal marking tattoo's, the Tattoo’s also run around his arms and his legs. Kayel doesn’t wear any shirt’s. The closest thing he gets to a shirt is a robe he wears when looking around the village, keeping his appearance unknown. He wears baggy green silk pants with a gold plated belt buckle. Kay doesn’t really have much of a belt. It is just a silk cloth that wraps around his waist. As for his shoes, he wears matching steel toed boots. Lastly, Kay carries a broadsword around either by carrying it in his hand, or on his back.

In general, Kayel Goreju is a nice person to be around. He is nice, charming at times, and well a happy go lucky person. Kay likes to walk around the village of Konoha and the campus as well. He thinks its peaceful watching everyone go on with their lives. He also likes hanging with his comrades and friends. Though he likes just about anything, Kayel has one hatred over things. Kay has a huge hatred for pennies, No one, not even him, knows how that started.

Ninja Rank: Chuunin
-Element: Water/lightning
    - Taijutsu
    - ninjutsu

History :
It was like any other day with babies being born. Kayel Goreju just happen to be one of those babies. His mother was screaming her head off to get him out, her hand was wrapped around the fathers hand crushing it with the un-human strength of a woman giving birth. His father held his breath and held in the pain in his hand as tears formed slowly in his eyes. The medical ninja pulling kayel from the whom. after 30 minutes or so in the birthing room, a sigh of relief came from the woman. Kayel Goreju was born, his cord cut and given to the family. His hair was short but red, his eyes were open but full of tears, and his mouth as loud as every other baby around.

Kayel entered the academy at the age of 9. The school years were normal. He went to hang with friends at their house, train with parents, learn and train during school. Nothing much ever really changed. About mid year when he was 12, the first of genin exams came to his class and the other kids that were his age. Of course the exams only consisted of henging the Hokage, making a bunshin and a few written questions. Everyone passed the exams and went on to be genin. Through out the genin years, kayel and his team went on mission after mission, doing silly village work. It was mostly annoying to do since well they all itched to go out of the village to do things. After 4 years of being a genin, they were entered into the chuunin exams. Make a long story short, Kayel and his team passed and made chuunin.

-Village of Birth: Konoha

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