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Name:Ial Triyanao



When Ial is just walking around meeting new people, he is a kind, caring, protective person. He is usually trying to find things that can be changed or just be added to. He is mostly trying to help others, he likes to do this. He really trys hard to do it. He is mostly also trying to find the annoying and unannoying people, he really hates them. He trys to find things about others that rarely anyone know. He loves to find out things that others don't, He loves secerts.

Ninja Rank: - Chuunin
-Element: Lightning
--Specialty Ninjutsu

History :
Ial was born in the leaf, as a typical little boy, he wasn't ever really 'popular' or well known anywhere. He had something different in him that no one could really tell, it was his blood that was different, it produced more chakra than other people, there was no certain reason, they just said that it was something that was from his great grandparents, somehow it was linked to them. He had become certain to learn about it and started to talk more and more learning about what was around him, now he knows to much for him, and talks to get it out of his mind.

-Village of Birth:Leaf

Theme Song: Zero -- Hawk Nelson


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