Nile Uchiha

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Nile Uchiha

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Personality:Nile is very smart, he is nice, well rounded, and would do a lot for a friend. He doesnt really like to fight, but if he has to, he is very leathal.

Ninja Rank: - Genin

History :Nile was born into the uchiha village, and his whole family was killed, just like sasuke's family, but he was only 3 months old. He was found by an Anbu black ops. officer, he was put into an orphanage, and he was picked on a lot because he was very different. One day the people went to far, and Nile almost killed them. He was explled from school, and he was told that if he didnt start acting better, they where going to send him to a remformitory school. Nile didnt care though, so he kept beating up the bullies whenever he would see them. He was sent away to a camp. Nile was forced to go through what seemed like hell. After he was released, he started making straight A's, and he didnt get into any more fights. His dream now is to become an Anbu Black Ops. and save people just like they had saved him

-Village of Birth:sand

Theme Song:Falls Apart Thousand foot krutch

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Re: Nile Uchiha

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