Satan eyes

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Satan eyes

Post  Garnurk on Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:20 pm

Name of Bloodline: The Satan's eyes

Type of Bloodline: doujutsu

Rank: S


First Form(Fire eyes)-can create a ring of fire pillars that block off most escape route. In this ring, he can leap out of view behind the fire before ambushing the foe from another point behind them. The ring itself can also harm opponents when they get too close. He can also turn the floor into a burning surface that slowly chips away at a person's health. He can coat his oppoent in fire and launch a formidable mid-ranged offensive assault for a short time as well as launch them as homing fireballs, glide along the ground with fire blazing behind him

Second Form(Lightning Eye)-can levitate and teleport, also possesses very formidable agility. can summon powerful bolts of lightning to rain down from the sky, in a focused form as well as one that strikes a large area. can also bind a person in place with tendrils of lightning, allowing to deal a great amount of damage with little possibility of retaliation

Final Form(Master eye)-His abilities become far beyond that of his usual self; speed, power and stamina all increase dramatically. He creates an alter-image of himself, summon torrents of white and black thorns. He can dash around with amazing speed and shoot multiple lasers that pelt his opponent. He can ensnare opponents in a sphere of dark energy that slowly eats away at their health. his greatest ability is to engulf the entire surroundings pitch black, and then summon thousands upon thousands of lasers that surround their target, forming a dome, and then immediately barraging them from all sides.

All forms ablites- Can block a small amount of Genjutsus. Able to see in the dark.

Weaknesses: Can harm eye sight if not mastered, uses a fair amount of Charka.
Both eyes must be in tact if the user uses to use these eyes. To obtain the eye, the you must enter hell and win a battle against Satan. It takes a few minutes to use the Doujustu(one post, to use a different form of the eye) To get to the master eye, you must got from the first to second, then master.

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