Garnurk(This is how a character is made)

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Garnurk(This is how a character is made)

Post  Garnurk on Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:42 pm

-Nickname:God of Darkness


Looks:Garnurk is a very dark character. He has a tan look to himself, and his fairly toned. He's eyes are blood red, his eyes are different than any normal eyes, some say they are like Orochimaru's, because one glace frieghts many of people. Garnurk is blood stained in many of places around his body, because he in fact loves to kill. Lastly he has hair, which is white, that reaches past his neck. He recently has white hair, it was once black.

His clothing contist of a black and white cloak. The top half it mostly black and futher towards the bottom. At the front part of his cloak there is a white, part which has bottoms that are black. Inisde the cloak is red, which is like a cape. He keeps his cloak half opened, showing off his body. He wears all black pants and his shoes are mostly black, with white parts around the tips of the shoes. He wears a necklace, or which is thought to be one, that looks like a heart, that is black, with a red X threw it. Finally he wears white gloves that have black bottons on them.


Personality:Garnurk is a very cold hearted person. He kills for fun and also eats his kills. He is not nice to anyone, never has been and problay never will be. He loves laughing out a random times. He always speaks his mind, and He loves too make people mad and or sad. He is not angered easily, like he once was. He loves blood, and everything about it. The Taste, is his favorite, however. He drinks his blood from a wine glass. Garnurk has an exetrmely strong will, and he knew of this at an early age, because h dd not allow the shadows, that first tried to take him of, fofull their plans. Over all Garnurk cares for one thing, a family. He wants someone to carry on, his legacy. He is also corrupted due to the shadows. He knows, all but killing, killing, eating, killing, and killing. He rarely ever does not show his sadticst side. He also enjoys pain. He thinks if someone hurts him, he is in for a good fight.

Ninja Rank: S-Rank
-Element: Shadow

History :Garnurk's history starts with his family, or clan, The Narkun. They had sold theirs souls to Satan. They lived in peace, or so what it had seemed peace. With these peace came, a small price of leaving with Shadow demons. The Main Family, Garnurks parents, solded theirs first. However, Garnurk did not get his taken from him, because at the age he was at, he could not handle such a task. At the day that Garnurk turned two, the Shadows attacked the people of this family. They did not stop, for anything. As Garnurk's parents seached on how they could stop it, the Shadows had already, tried conusming Garnurk. With his soul, they could stay there and take him over. However, the shadows did not know, Garnurk would try and fight back. A two year old, fighting for his life, and for the ones that survied in his family. Its very hard to imgae a two year old boy, fighting for his life, and even harder to image him winning. Several Hours later, as the fight went on, Garnurk's parent finally found the way, but it was too late. Garnurk had been in the battle, long. His mother was demetried to save him, but in the middle of running out to Garnurk, His father had to knock her out, because this was the only way they all could be saved. As more hours passed, only the few that remained watch. Garnurk had seem to be losing, on the account of him turing to black. His whole body, turned as black as night. As it seemed as Garnurk death was coming, the black began to fade, and move to the chest area. The Shadows could not take over Garnurk, they tried and almost did, but in the end they failed. The Family had peace once again, for now.

As the time based, the shadows grew restless. Weeks after they were "controled" the shadows began to hurt Garnurk from the inside, they day, he screamed, out of the pain, his mother, being the mother she was, had checked on him. At the moment she open Garnurk's door, she was attacked by these shadows. She had been trained as a Chunnin, so right then, she jumped bakc and nearly dodged them. She pulled out a kunai and dashed towards the shadows. She made the wrong choose, and was killed on the spot. She screamed and Garnurks Father came up, to check in, he saw Garnurk, covered in blood, he knew he must kill his son. Garnurk's father was trained to a Jounin level. He appeared behind Garnurk, took out a knife and Cut, Garnurks neck.Shadows took hold of the knife, and balled it up and threw it out a window. Garnurk's father was then squeezed to death by the shadows. blood, and body parts, flying everywhere. Garnurk stood there, mouth wide open, tasting blood, for the very first time. The shadows took Garnurk and fled.

Garnurk now had to spend his time, controled by Shadows. These shadows had no name, as they were merely lower classed shadows. These shadows could control Garnurk, but not read his mind. If he was plotting something, they would never know it.
As the shadows trained with Garnurk, he grew older, and had made plans of getting the control back. However, the shadows had to further training, by joining a village, so he could learn jutsus of his own and not have to turn to them all the time. A small, hidden village was chosen first. He was enrolled in the acdamey at the age of 4.

In this acdamey, Garnurk did not speak at all. He did what he was told nad sat in his seat. This freaked many of the classmates out. This also made him the target to be my fun of. He was the youngest in the class and the "weirdest" in the class as well. As the days passed and he began learing, the simple Genin jutsu that most Genin would learn, the shadows grew bored, and how Garnurk did nothing to defend himself. Soon they would have to step in. As soon as Garnruk graduted from this acdeamy, the shadows attacked and everyone was killed, leaving a bloody mess, like a small pond. The village was just small enough, for Garnurk to get away. The shadows and Garnurk left to live in the forset for the next several years.

As Ganurk learnt under the Shadows. He was taught to control them, in small amounts. He had killed quite a few higher ranking Shinobi and a ninja that worked to fofull Orochimarus dreams. He took him in and study him and his shadows. He was much like Orochimaru. He had given him a curse seal. He sealed him in a cage and let him lay. For days Garnurk laid there, not moving, even his shadows could not move. As the fleas crawled on him, a man, followed by a few other, open up Garnurk cage. The first one spoke. "He is not going to last, very long. We need this cage. Kill him" The man laughed. The other man took out their weapons and thrusted towards him. However, they were stopped. It was from a demonic power. It was a lot more powerful than Garnurk's first shadows. Death was his name. He killed the man with on touch, and as soon as it was done he went into Garnurk and everything funtcion again. The Shadow was problay the most powerful Shadow demon, known. Garnurk left the man, and went into a nearby village, known as the Sound village. He woud live a few yearsof his life here.

Death had the plan, to show how unfair they could be. They wanted to sh him, how bad it cn be to lose something or someone close to them. They were going to rip him apart, but also let him get stronger, he would more useful if he learnt his own jutsus and skills. He was placed with a Genin team, after showing the village,what he learned from his old acdamey. His team was a group of, fair dencent Genin, for their ages. They could teach Garnurk a lot. As of their Jounin leader, who was skilled in the art of sound jutsu as well as taitcs. Garnurk would learn Sound jutsu from his sensei. As they started missions, Garnurk grew to like the girl in his team. He spent more and more time with her, as he grew to the age of seven. She trained Garnurk in how to use Kenjutsu. He was quite good at it from the start, seeing as how, he watched many people use the sword. Including his time laying in his cell, watching many people fight. He knew a few styles weak points, and how to use a few as well. He fought with a smaller sword, making his attack swift and deadly.

His Jounin trainer, taught him with his group and had private lessons with him. He had trouble mastering the sound jutsu like normal sound jutsu users. He used his laugh to use it, unlike many whom used their hands. He also could change the power of the justu easily. He was looking good from what he had learnt. His team was now ready to began their vey first mission.

Knowing the sound village, they were given a harder mission. They had to finish a C ranked mission that, had them already fighting shinobi. They however, did not make the kill, right off. The team took the people and trapped tem, and tried to take them back to the village, but something inside Garnurk snapped. One of his Shadows quickly killed them, before anyone noticed. The Team noticed blood on Garnurk, and thought he was injuryed. They looked over him, but saw nothing. Only later to find, later, the eniemes hd been sucked dry of blood. They thought nothing of it.

They grew closer together, with all the time spent together. They also grew stronger. Garnurk had gotten good, with using his sword and as well as his sound jutsu. Their Jounin leader was certain they were ready for the Chunnin exams. They all passed each easily. They worked well as a team and got to the last round. The last round was Garnurk verus the Girl whom he loved. He was determind to beat her. However she was stronger than him, or atleast that is what everyone else thought. As the fight started, they both dashed towards each other and clashed with their swords. As the fight went on, some how Garnurk end on the ground. She took her sword and laid in near his neck. The shadows knew this was the time to attack. They came out, and Garnurk screamed. "Run!" But it was too late and she was killed. Garnurk stood up in shock, and then was overwhelmed by Sound Jounin. They knew they had to kill Garnurk on the spot. They made it to Garnurk, as he was running. He looked back and saw them stopped. He looked around and everything stopped. He knew he would have to run, but he himself could not move. A black portal opened up from the front of the the arena. A huge shadow demon came out of the portal. He made a sword out of his hand and slashed the Shinobi, chasing Garnurk. It seemed that something came out of them, but at this time Garnurk had no clue what those things were. The Shadow Demon ate the things on his swords, and walked over to Garurk. "Pain" He said, as this was his name. He went into Garnurk, adding yet another powerful shadow demon to him. The shadows and Garnurk fled, killing everyone who came near him. The village had little people that were killed, those included, the rest of Garnurks team. He would have to live with these shadows, hidden, for the time being.

As the group of demons lived alone, Garnurk trained himself to use them on his own will. Now he could use the less powerful demons at his own will. This was thought to be great from the higer up demons, because they could now sit back and just watch. However, if the higher shadow demons wanted someone killed, they would have them killed. Garnurk, was a killer, and the demons told him this. He knew they could not read his mind, however, they could send him messages, telling him, things that were on heard of. They called his flaws, as well as they almost forced him to train and kill.

As the days passed, the demons noticed, that Garnurk was not doing as he was told. He was being to slow down and it seemed as their plans, would never come to a real start. They had to show him, more pain. They laid low for awhile, allowing Garnurk to become friends, with one group. They did many things together, and enjoyed each other company. Although they ignored it, Garnurk was always 'different'. As Garnurk turned nine, the shadows knew, that it was their time to strike. As the group was fishing, Garnurk felt pain in his chest. He walked over to a tree and laid against it. His best friend followed, Garnurk tried to tell him to run, but it was too late. The shadows burst out of his chest and took hold of his friend. Crying Garnurk tired to get them to let go. The shadows pulled his right arm off, and the boy screamed in pain. As slowly the tore more limbs off his friend, blood shot out of him. Lastly, the shadows took his heart out and forced Garnurk to eat it. He did not enjoy the taste, yet.

As he now knew, what he was made for, he left, to fofull the shadow demons dreams. As he stubbled upon a village, he noticed people, giving him dirty looks, for looking different. Some how, he already had a price on his head, and there were papers of his face everywhere. In this village, had someone saw one, they would attack. As they just did. Even so, they did not get to him, time was stopped yet again. A portal opened up, revelaing yet, another Shadow demon. However, this one was smaller, but did not seem weak. He raced towards Garnurk, getting rid of all the people, whom was near him. Then they disappeared, leaving the people around, wondering what really happened. Garnurk was lucky, and for the last time, a shadow like this, would save his life. He looked up and already knew the demons name. "Wrath." Garnurk said to the demon and he nodded. The Shadow demon, flew into his chest, and that was yet another demon for Garnurk.

Now, all Garnurk had left to do, was meet the remaining shadows, and then learn to control them. He spent days reading up on the history of the Demons. While he was studying he met many new shadows, such as, Fear, Hate, Saddness, Fiery, and Anger. Just to name a few. The amount of Shadows that were in Garnurk, made it harder for him to control. Even so, he found something that Shadows loved the most. Human souls. He could use this to calm them down. He took a few and fed them. This would allow him to control them, as long as he fed them, which was easy. He now needed to train, a lot more, so he did so.

The training began, a few weeks after he came up with the soul idea. Although he could control his shadows, when the came out of his chest, it caused him much pain. At this time, they were, horrbile creatures and more deadly, to everyone around, while eating the human souls. As the training went on, Garnurk noticed, the shadows were slower, due to the fact, as they were worried about the human souls. He needed to find a new way to control them, and fast.

As he researched, a year had past, making him ten years of age. He study, with a more advanced libary of books, on the shadow and demon arts. He knew he would have to strain a lot to control them, but he must do it, before they did any real harm. Although, he was studying, and knew the shadows could not read his mind, they found out his plan, and began hurting him from the inside. However, they knew the could not chance killing him, so it was time for one last, plan. The shadows would be powerless to Garnurk after this, but Garnurk would be corrupted, so much, that he would follow their plans. They placed a Genjutsu on Garnurk, showing the lives he had taken, including his own mother and father. Then, Garnurk changed from a child to a cold blooded killer, after several hours of this. He enjoyed it now, the taste of death, the feel of it, even the look of it. He laughed out, making a high pitched srceam, and the Garnurk, that once was, was sealed away.

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Re: Garnurk(This is how a character is made)

Post  Garnurk on Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:43 pm

-The New Garnurk-

The ten year old boy, left knowing what he had to do. He must kill all who passed him! Rid the world of humans! He laughed as he killed countless, people, and ate them. He also knew how to lay low, in villages, were he could train, hidden. He used his shadows to change his appearance. He also used them to serve as a barrier, so that attacks would be less likely to hit him. Even thought he had power, there was still a few who could kill him. He was warned of death so many times, and attacked a lot, but he esacped, many among many times. Lucky, he had a way out, everytime. That was until, he was trapped and seal away for three years, in a cell. He was never to be realesed. He waited there, growing tired and bored. He had thoughts of killing everyone! He was angry, for the first year. About halfway through the second year, he relaized, who had been the real cause. His shadows, they caused this! He could not do a thing, because he knew he was a killer. Thats all he will every be good for, his whole life.

As the third year came around, he also realized, that his clan sold their souls, but to whom. If he could get this man, or whoever they were, he could problay get more power. Seeing this, the said "man" let Garnurk out of his cell, and Garnurk went on a two hour killing spree, while running out of the jail and area which it was in. Many people were killed, but they were over looked, because most of them had life senecentes. Garnurk was now 13 and ready for the world ahead.

Two years had passed and Garnurk, laid low, so people would forget his name, so that he could go in villages again, without having threats against him. At this time, he was simple walking and out of nowhere he was attacked. It was a demon, and he had a message. While the two fought he told him he would be attacked by a demon, a more powerful one, by the name of Draken. Garnurk easily took out the demon and finished him off. Garnurk ignored the warning, so he just lived life.

As yet another two years passed, the Demon messagner was right. Draken did show up. Ganurk was seventeen, and almost had his Shadows at full power. He took Draken head on, but Draken blocked him, after almost every attack. Garnurk was no match, but he never gave up. As the fight lasted yet another hour, Garnurk was no match for this Demon King. He looked at Garnurk and hissed at him. "I will let you live, if you go to the Sand village, and kill that Half Demon! Drac!" Garnurk agreed and in a years time, he would do so. He left the fight, and began taijutsu training, because he could no relay on his shadows for eveything. He trained for a year, and then began his walk to the Sand village.

Not much had happened in his walk. A few kills, and a little bit of 'food' was all. He made it to the sand village and sighed. "Alright, Drac, time to play" Just then a sword was neck to Garnurk's neck. "Ah, you're quite the fast one, aren't you" He said with a fake smile on his face. He jumped back and turned around in midair. He waved as his shadows came out. Drac had heard a bit about Garnurk, so he knew what he had to do. Drac dashed at him, with his sword out. Garnurk then smikred and thought he had Drac beaten, before it started. His Shadow's raced towards Drac and hit him, but they bounced off him, which was a very big surpise. Drac conuited to race towards him. He took his sword, jumped in the air, and slashed down at Garnurk. Garnurk knew that his shadows would block it, however he did not want to chance it. He jumped out of the way and landed on the other side of Drac. Garnurk took out his sword and twilred it around. "I am good with Kenjutsu as well." Garnurk laughed and raced towards Drac. Drac stood there and did not move, until Garnurk came close enough to hit him. Within a moment, Drac took Garnurk's sword and threw it out.

Garnurk sighed and put his hand over his face, and shook his head, all at the same time. "This is going to be my hardest fight yet." He laughed and dashed towards Drac. "Pain!" He yelled, and a huge black substance came out from Garnurk. It seemed to create a sort of monster. It lauched onto Garnurks back, and the two raced towards Drac yet again. Drac did move this time, but was not quick enough, Pain hit one of his wings and sent him flying into the air. He quickly caught himself and flew back down. His wing was a bloodly mess. He sighed and glared at the two. He looked at his wing, and it healed itself almost instanly. Garnurk spat at him. "Damn, he is good." Garnurk looked at Pain and he nodded. He made his arm into a huge sword and slashed it at, Drac. Sadly it missed him and hit the ground, making a huge hole. Drac was thankful he was not hit.

The sword on Pain's hand disappeared. Drac knew this was his chance. He dashed towards Garnurk and slashed up at his chest, just missing the whole in it. Garnurk flew into the sky and Drac slashed him to one side and then down. Garnurk hit the ground, but Pain took Drac with them. Pain engulf Drac in shadows and squeezed. Garnurk thought it was the end for Drac. Drac then spread his wings and broke free of Pain. Even so, he flew to the ground and began coughing up blood. A bloodly ocean sank into the sand, as the two stood up. Drac took of a cloth around his hand and thrusted his right arm out. "Wind Slasher!' He yelled, and right then, wind began picking up and then slashing at Garnurk, like kunai, at full speed. Garnurk again fell to the ground, and sighed. He looked up at Garnurk and than sank into the ground. Drac dropped to the ground, in a bloodly mess. "Garnurk, you are not going to live, to see the next day."

Drac stood up again and threw his sword to where Garnurk had enetered the ground at. Garnurk was hit on his shoulder and jumped in the air. He knew this was the end, but he would not go done, without showing Drac, he still had power. He slashed Drac's face, leaving a huge mark. "Drac, with that I will find you, after I come back" Garnuk laughed and was about to run away. Drac glared at him and held out his hand. "There will not be a next time." Out from his hand came three twisters. Garnurk was caught in one and Drac then threw his sword in it, blood flew everywhere. Garnurk was dead.-Hell. Part 1-

As Garnurk fell to the depths of hell, he screamed out Drac's and Draken's name. Drac's because he had killed him and Draken because he had tricked him. He landed on his feet, with his hands in his pockets. He looked around hell and laughed. "This is it?" He was greeted by a few demons, that lets face it, were weak. He took them all out in one hit. He knew how hell worked. Each Demon had a rank, Garnurk was now a little above last. He would have to work his way up to Satan and beat him. It started off eing fairly easy, each Demon was taken dow by a single strike of his shadows. He began to grow bored, even when it took two to three hits to take each down, he did not get hit once,at this time, while in hell. That is until he made it up to the Top 10 demons in hell, exculding Satan.

The first one seemed, a bit out of place. He did not seem the type to be one of the top ten. It was just a litte awkward. Even so, Garnurk fought him with ease. However, it was harder than most Garnurk was still not touched. Garnurk was lucky that,number six wanted a fight,before the rest, he could skip all the easier ones and get down the the real stuff. He looked at the man, he seemed to be a more powerful person, li he should have been in the number two spot even the number one. Even so, Garnurk dashed towards him, only to find number six behind him. "Damn, you're even faster than that damn Drac!" Garnurk was then kicked the the ground and then hit with a kunai, almost at the same time. He got up and glared at number six."I know who you are, Minato Namikaze!"

As soon as Garnurk said his name, Minato nodded. Garnurk smriked and then brought out the one called Wrath. He was smaller than Pain, and Garnurk had never really used him before. Minato again appeared behind him, after throwing a kunai. To Minato's surpise, The Shadow turned around and knocked him back. Garnurk began laugh, as he just put Minato too his knees. "I am more powerful than the 4th!" He began taunting Minato and then...was hit by a Rasegan. Garnurk flew back and hit a huge pile of rocks. "Damn, I cannot party too soon" He smirked and wiped what little blood that was coming out of his forehead. The attack hit him in the arm, but did little damage. The shadows blocked most of it, disappeared and then began reforming over his arm. Garnurk stood up and pointed too Minato. "You're mine!" Shadows began to form around the area the two stood in. Garnurk then laughed loudly, making it hard for Minato to hear, even blood came out of his ears. The shadows blocked all exit ways and made everyone blind. Wrath, with Garnurk appeared behind Minato, and that was the end.

Seeing as how, Garnurk did win, he became number six in the rankings. This still did not please him. He wanted to be number zero. He looked on the door to Satan's kindgom. However he was stopped, by number one. He smirked. "You think you are going to stop, us?" He began laughing, and so hard that he did not notice that number one, had already gone in for an attack. He wield an axe, that, not even Satan himself could carry. He stuck at Garnurk, but it was so slow, that he was able to dodged it. Garnurk had been tired, since he was fighting none stop and was thankful, this woman was slow. Garnurk looked back at her, relazing, she was a she! He looked serious and then dashed towards her. He took his shadows and made clones of himself. "Attack my clones." They dashed towards her and left themsevles open, so that she would hit them. She did and Garnurk's plan worked. They began crawling up her legs, squeezing her, tighter, and tighter."You are not fit to be number one!" He then noticed her laughing and she said. "I may not be, and you may be powerful, but I asure you, you are not the most powerful in the whole everything. Many people alive, will be stronger than you." He was shocked and doubted her, but Garnurk would later find out she was right. He squeezed her body dry of blood and went onto Satan.

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Re: Garnurk(This is how a character is made)

Post  Garnurk on Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:44 pm

He slowly open the doors, hearing a loud and low laugh. It was the most demonic laugh that was around. He saw eyes that glew in the dark, and smelt, the worst thing that a man could. Even so he walked into the room and was met, by The king of the underworld, himself. The two glared at each other and then Satan looked away. "Take a seat." Garnurk refused, and threatened Satans honor and power. He drew out his sword and looked angry at Garnurk. "Take a seat or I will make you feel 10 times the pain, you ever had!" Garnurk still refused. After refusing this time, shadows came up, the shadow named Death. Garnurk began to uncontrolable laugh, as Death met Satan's swoed, with ease. The two clased for sometime, but was ended by Satan getting thrown back. Garnurk amusbed Satan, with the rest of his shadows. He tried to get them to squeeze him, but it did not work. However, Satan could not move and Garnurk knew this was his chance, to steal, the weapon and eyes of Satan. He began laughing as, he walked towards Satan. "Your mine!" He laughed even harder as he took his sword and his eyes. By doing this, Garnurk was granted, his way out of hell!-The Return and the Akatsuki-

A huge hole was opened up, into Earth, where Garnurk had come to. He was now ready to take on the world, with his new eyes. He laughed as he would now seek revenage on those, who had killed him in the first place. He had to do one thing before he could, get his reveange, join the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki would have to wait, for Draken, but Drac would be afterwards. Garnurk walked towards were the demons lived, and began killing many demons, trying to get Draken to come out, and be killed! Draken, however was not anywhere near Garnurk, for now, the killing of demons would last. He took off, in disguste and seached for the Akatsuki.

He knew were they had been, because he had seen a few on his travels. As he neared their base, a single Akatsuki memeber greeted him, with a jutsu. Garnurk dodged it and smiled at him. "I wish to join you" He was accpeted, as a memeber in training. He trained under, the leader and quickly become a full time member. Even so, this Akatsuki did not last long, because they were, just redoing things. They also did not last long, on account of they hated each other. No Bijuu was gathered, at this time. They were usally looking for more memebers, but whoever, they soon departed.

Two years had passed and the Akatsuki had gotten back together. It first started off with only two memebers. The leader and himself. They sat around a lot, and told stories of what they did for the two years. Garnurk had done nothing, but killing and making money, off bounties. They did find many of their memebers and got them to join again. Still it was not much of an Akatsuki. But even so, the obtained a new memeber, that was not seen before, her name was Lucy. Of course Garnurk wanted to fight her, so he did so. It ended up Garnurk having his arms broken and then him freaking out and leaving to go to the sound village.

At this time, someone else was in control of Garnurk. This man, was Orochimaru. He took on his research, and noticed that Garnurk's power let him contuine it even more. He also noticed that Garnurk could use different people abiltes, but he did not want to change, unless needed. He had gotten in a deadly fight with another Akatsuki memeber and he had to change his ablitly. However he did not want to, because he knew that Garnurk might see this as a chance, and take it back. He did just that. Garnurk was behind a few months on killing and such. And seeing as how this might happen again, Garnurk stopped using his cannibal abitles for his own power.

Seeing as how it battled ended, so unfairly with Lucy, he demanded a rematch. He did not want to be beaten by the woman, he some much had a little crush on. He started the match, with her, staying back and away from her. He knew her powers and did not want to mess up this time. He also choose not to use his Satan eyes for the reason, of him not going all out on her. Instead, he brought out Pain to fight for him. Within twenty minutes, Garnurk had Lucy, in a tight spot, but she was not out. Even so, Garnurk made Pain charge at Lucy, with his sword. Garnurk saw she did not move, and took the hit for her, sending him back to hell once again.

-Hell pt.2-

Garnurk again landed in hell, unpleased. However, he landed near the chamber of Satan. He began laughing uncontrolable. He walked towards the castle Satan stayed in, but was stopped, by someone. It was a Demon, like Garnurk, but he was opposite of him, in a way. He had shadows, but they were white. He was shocked, but did that did not stop him, from going head on with. Their shadows clashed with one another. They both also used Kenjutsu, but This demon, did not have the same sword as Garnurk, Garnurk's was much more powerful. Within a few strikes to his sword, it broke. Garnurk was the victor. He trapped this demon with his Satan eyes skill, but inside of killing him, the two fused, by this, it made Garnurk, that much stronger.

This Demon, could have beaten Garnurk, with his speed, but he wanted to lose because speed alone was not enough to beat Satan. His shadows were not near as strong as Garnurks, thus he had to be beaten, and fuse with Garnurk. Garnurk then eneter Satans chamber, ready to kill!

So, now Satan was angry, and wanted to punish Garnurk for his actions. Garnurk however had new found strength, with his demon and he obtained a new level of the Satan eye. He bound Satan with lightning and the rest was finished. All around hell, A scream was heard, as the King of the underworld was dead. In this, Garnurk was aloud out of hell, yet another time.-The new Akatsuki and Plans-

Garnurk went back to the Akatsuki, but found out that, while he was in hell, more memebers had joined. He was quitley annoyed by them, because they were younger and childish. One by one the old Akatsuki memebers left, leaving Garnurk and his friend. However, Garnurk did not stay long, because his friend soon disappeared. Garnurk hated these Akatsuki, but never killed them, because he left before the leader did, and was never aloud. Garnurk left the akatsuki on a bad note, threating to kill everyone last one of them. Garnurk was now 23.

Garnurk did not have any new plans, besides the simple fact of taking the world. To do so, he had to create his own world, but first he needed to know how to do so. He knew that he could use his shadows to create most of it. He would create the world in his image, like he wanted it. He would have to study a lot and train more so that his body coudl take the exetreme length, to create these said world. He started to study under, the books he had gotten from hell. In this he learnt and mastered the final form of the satan eyes, in this, it would help him in his goal.

While in this, the Akatsuki was someone how killed, why Garnurk did not care, just as long as it was done. However a new groupd was formed, with some of the surving Akatsuki memebers. Garnurk did not know how long they would last, but he looked into them and watched them. He study them all the time, waiting from someone to, go agasint them. As months passed one of their memebers, went against them, just like Garnurk wanted. In the middle of the battle Garnurk did help them fight, but in the prossce was attacked by a man by the name of Ryu. Ryu was the new Rinnegan master and whom had which just found it out himself. He obtained three bodies, other than his own. One was the oringal Pein and the other was his own three boides, which were almost like him in every way. While Garnurk was already up against another memeber who had helped the other memeber go against the group, and another joining them. He did not excpet another to come and attack him as well.

Ryu had easily beaten Garnurk, because it was was alteast six verus one. Garnurk fled, but he did not leave forever, he would be back to kill them all. In this event a new Akatsuki was formed, and Garnurk was made a memeber of these new group. Which, now its main goal was to take out the new Akatsuki. However, Garnurk did not stay for very long. He got bored quick and had to get back to the world he was making. He did so, and, very slowly had a small ball of what it will be his very own world. Garnuk would disappear for the next few years, to work on his brand new world.

-The reapparnce of the Shadow Demon-

Garnurk returned much more powerful. Although no one knew if his world was made or not. Only he or time would tell. However, signs have shown that, there is no new world. Even so there was a spot of dead bodies and much, much, much of what seemed to be the making of a new World. If the world was ready, Garnurk would know, and soon let people in it. The world will be deadly if made, the ruler, Garnurk, would make it so.

-Village of Birth:???

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Re: Garnurk(This is how a character is made)

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