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Sabaku no Gaara

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Name: Sabaku no Gaara
-Nickname: Gaara
Age: 15 (since he's a freshmen)

Gender: Male
Clan: N/A

Looks: Gaara has pail skin that is complimented by his shaggy red hair and dark cirlces around his eyes. His iris's are a teal color. On the left side of his forhead is a red tattoo that says "love" in kanji. Gaara wears a long burgandy robe that is tied together in the front by a leather chest plate and many metal buckles. Under his robe are long black pants with leather straps that were meant to hold kunai, but he doesn't use them. On his back the majority of the time is a large gourd that is filled with sand. Legend says that it carries his mothers soul in the sand, and is partially why it protects him so.


Personality: Gaara is a very quiet person yet very evil at the same time. His harsh childhood brought upon a standard nature of him just being dark and evil. Gaara doesn't trust many people because those he used to trust tried to kill him. At first sight gaara will be dark, uncaring and just won't want to talk to you. If you can deal with his cruelty, his sarcasm, and some of his death threats than maybe you could find what he holds close inside of him. On the outside he holds a dark mean scary shell that most people see causing him to lose friends. Those that know him know the inside parts that can care that can be nice and he shows that to those who he sees as friends.

Ninja Rank: Jounin (tell me if this is wrong)
-Element: Sand

--Specialty Death *evil grin* Twisted Evil

History : Gaara is the son of the Fourth Kazekage and the younger brother of Temari and Kankuro. Because of Sunagakure's decreases in funds, Gaara's father ordered Chiyo to seal the One-Tailed Shukaku within Gaara during his birth in the hopes that he would become the ultimate weapon for the village. Because a sacrifice was needed, Gaara's mother, Karura, was used. Before she died, Karura cursed Sunagakure, hoping Gaara would avenge her death.

Gaara was trained by his father, but raised mainly by his uncle, Yashamaru. Because of the power of Shukaku, the villagers of Sunagakure hated and feared Gaara, seeing him only for the monster sealed within him. For a time, Yashamaru seemed to be the only person who cared about Gaara. When Gaara would mistakenly harm others due to the subconscious abilities granted to him by Shukaku, Yashamaru would be the only one who understood that Gaara hadn't intended to harm anyone. Gaara's father, however, did not see Gaara in the same light, and viewed Gaara's frequent attacks upon villagers as a result of a failed experiment that was a threat to the village.

Because of the danger Gaara imposed, his father began sending assassins to kill him, though when all attempts met with failure, the Kazekage asked Yashamaru to kill Gaara. As a result, Yashamaru tried to assassinate Gaara, though Gaara's abilities defeated Yashamaru with ease, saddening Gaara. Although Gaara tried to dismiss Yashamaru's attack as an order of the Kazekage, Yashamaru corrected him by saying that he had willingly accepted the mission. Having never truly loved Gaara, Yashamaru hoped that killing Gaara would avenge the death of his sister, who had named Gaara after the phrase "a self-loving carnage" (我を愛する修羅, Ware wo ai suru shura?), a sign of her hate for Gaara. In a last ditch effort to kill Gaara, Yashamaru detonated a number of explosive tags covering his body, asking Gaara to, "Please die." Gaara survives the blast and loses the only person he thought had cared for him.

While Gaara had initially tried to be friendly towards others despite their fear of him, Yashamaru's actions and words changed Gaara. Realizing that nobody loved him, Gaara used his sand to create the kanji on his forehead (愛, "Love") as a symbol of a "demon loving only himself". Gaara became emotionally withdrawn, all but silent, and consumed with a bitter loathing for everyone but himself. He learned to find pleasure and eventually a reason to live in annihilating the numerous assassins sent to kill him and by extension, anyone who threatened his existence. Gaara's insomnia, forced upon him by the fear that the demon inside him would eat away at his personality if he were to fall asleep, only furthered his instability and desire to kill. In time, Gaara's father would come to appreciate Gaara and the uses he could serve, and canceled all assassination orders in the hopes that Gaara would become an effective tool.

Gaara's childhood was somewhat similar to Naruto Uzumaki's, albeit more unfortunate due to his lack of anyone to call a friend. Both were lonely and desired to be liked, loved, and acknowledged as an individual, free of others' prejudices they are themselves, not the demons they were forced to "contain" and both were driven into a desperate state. While Naruto consequently developed the misconception that pranks and mischief would bring him the attention he sought, Gaara came to the conclusion that he could preserve and confirm his own existence by killing any and all who challenged it, securing an extreme form of existentialism as his key personality trait. In the absence of others' acknowledgment, he could compensate by valuing only himself to the exclusion of everyone else. Furthermore, while Naruto eventually had Iruka Umino and Team 7 to acknowledge him, Gaara never had anyone to bond with and did not understand the concept of fighting for anything other than himself until his confrontation with Naruto.

-Village of Birth: Sand (Suna w.e)

Theme Song:


Sabaku Kyuu (Desert Coffin) - Gaara uses chakra to engulf an opponent completely in sand, immobilizing them and sometimes suffocating them. Gaara has one hand performing the hand seals, and the other is out extended in front of him, open. He usually follows this jutsu up with the deadly Sabaku Sousou (see below).

Sabaku Sousou (Desert Funeral) - The follow-up to Sabaku Kyuu, this makes the sand around an opponent implode and compact together, crushing their body and resulting in instant death. There is almost no way to escape the technique, especially if immobilized by Sabaku Kyuu. When Gaara has his palm open during Sabaku Kyuu, he closes it sharply to perform Sabaku Sousou, almost as if imitating the contracting motion of the sand.

Suna no Tate (Shield of Sand - The automatic sand shield that acts independant of Gaara's will. Whenever Gaara is danger of harm, it flicks up to guard him from damage. It can withstand nearly any standard attack, whether it be shuriken projectiles, needles, or even explosions.

Suna no Yoroi (Armor of Sand) - The armor of sand is an extremely thin, but dense layer of sand that lies directly on Gaara's skin, protecting him should the Suna no Tate fail to protect him. However, this requires an immense of chakra to compact the sand together, and it slows the user down as a result of the extra weight. Thus, Gaara only uses it unless he absolutely has to.

Suna Bunshin (Sand Doppelganger) - Gaara's version of the Kage Bunshin, he creates a doppelganger out of sand.

Ryuusa Bakuryuu (Quicksand Waterfall) - Gaara manipulates sand so it acts like a massive tidal wave or water fall.

Sabaku Taisou (Imperial Desert Funeral) - The counterpart to Ryuusa Bakuryuu, Gaara compacts the huge amount of sand created by the former technique in a style similar to that of Sabaku Sousou.

Sabaku Fuyuu (Desert Suspension) - Gaara uses sand to levitate himself in the air.

Suna Shigure (Sand Drizzle) - Gaara rains sand down on his opponent from above, and an alternative way to lead up to Sabaku Sousou. The wide range of this jutsu can coat the entire area in sand, which gives Gaara the ability to attack from nearly everywhere.

Daisan no Me (Third Eye) - An eye made out of sand. Somehow, the sand condenses to form what looks like a perfectly normal eyeball (as normal as a socket-less eyeball gets, at least). It 'spies' for Gaara when he's enclosed within his sand-sphere defense shield.

Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu (Feigning Sleep Technique) - Gaara uses this jutsu to force sleep upon himself, thus allowing the Shukaku to take over his body and personality. If an opponent breaks the spell of sleep, the Shukaku is sealed back into Gaara once again.

Saikou Zettai Bougyo: Shukaku no Tate (Extremely Hard Ultimate Defense: Shield of Shukaku) - A highly effective, but high-chakra technique in which Gaara summons a shield resembling the Shukaku to defend himself.

Mugen Sajin Daitoppa (Wind Element, Infinite Sand Storm) A huge cloud of sand blown at high speed, enough to knock the opponent off his feet. Gaara can only use this when partially transformed as Shukaku.

Sabaku no Gaara

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