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Name: Morgan
Nickname: n/a

Gender: female
Clan: Senju

Looks:MUST BE 2 LINES (pictures are of course optional)

Personality: A kind of to herself kind of person until she can tell you not out to hurt her, can be quite caring and doesnt like to see pain upon others nomater who it is. But she will fight if she has to. She loves to garden, be around nature (woods, flowers,etc), read books, be around friends, practice her jutsu. She hates to harm others but she will if she has to, people critisizing her, people who think they are so cool and better than everybody, and sharing her problems with other people.

Ninja Rank: -Chunnin
-Element: nature
--Specialty: ninjutsu

History :
Morgan grew up in a village not too far away from Iwagakure, but did not sociolize or have anything to do with anywhere else but themselves. Since the village did not speak to anybody outside their village they did not know about chakra, and nobody showed any signs of having it except for Morgan and her mother. For having chakra the villagers accused morgan's mom of being a witch and burned her. Seeing this fall before her Morgan ran and ran until she was out of that village and figured out about chakra, and why she had these strange gifts. Later she realized that her clan had mastery over wood, and she learned how to control it. Now she lives in the leaf village and is going to attend NHS.

-Village of Birth: Somewhere near iwagakure

Theme Song:

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Re: Morgan

Post  Han on Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:21 pm

approved and welcome

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