Vergil, Dante's Twin Brother

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Vergil, Dante's Twin Brother

Post  Wulf on Mon Oct 13, 2008 12:07 pm

Slayer Of Darkness



Vergil Devil Trigger, Demon Form

Vergil's Yamato, His Katana

Vergil is quiet, like his brother he never backs down from a fight, he is very mysterious, and he keeps to himself.

Ninja Rank:
Yamato Teleportation Slash and Devil Trigger.

History :
Vergil is Dante's twin brother. He is a chief antagonist in Devil May Cry 3 as well as a playable character in the game's Special Edition. After he is betrayed by Arkham at the end of the game's second act (the end of mission 13),he temporarily teams up with Dante near the end, before reverting to his villain role. Throughout the game, Vergil seeks to undo the seal of Sparda inside the Temen-ni-gru and claim the entirety of their father's power for his own, regardless of the effects this will have on the human world. To do so he needed Dante's half of their mother's amulet, so he lured his brother out with the intent of taking it by force. Vergil battles Dante three times in the Devil May Cry 3 storyline. Their first battle is on the highest level of Temen-Ni-Gru, where Dante is soundly defeated by Vergil, who then takes Dante's amulet. Their second battle is at the bottom of the tower, where the twins battle to a draw before their battle is interrupted. Their final battle is near the entrance to the demon realm, where Vergil is finally defeated.Should the player be able to defeat at least 100 demons before the credits finish, the player is shown a cutscene with Vergil rising to his feet in a lake of blood, and looking into the sky to see three large glowing orbs in the sky Mundus as he first appeared in Devil May Cry. Vergil decides that if his father was able to defeat Mundus he can too, and then charges at the orbs with his sword ready.Vergil survives his encounter with Mundus, but becomes enslaved and apparently brainwashed of all his memories about his life and past. In the first game, he appears as a demonic dark knight, called Nelo Angelo. Dante encounters Nelo Angelo three times in Devil May Cry, and each time Nelo Angelo sees Dante's half of the amulet, he flees the battle. In their final encounter, Nelo Angelo uncovers his face to reveal that he is Vergil.In the end Nelo Angelo appears to explode, leaving his half of the amulet behind.
The Order of the Sword used fragments of Nelo Angelo in order to create the Bianco Angelos, artificial demons consisting of a suit of armor powered by a human or demon's soul.
Vergil's sword, the Yamato, is used by Nero in
Devil May Cry 4, it being restored when Nero's inner demon awakens. Dante tries to reclaim the Yamato from Nero, stating that the sword was his brother's, originally used to seal the gate between the realms and that it needed to remain in the family. In the end, Dante entrusts Nero to keep the Yamato with confidence.

-Village of Birth:

Theme Song:
The Spiral by Hell Within

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Re: Vergil, Dante's Twin Brother

Post  Han on Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:02 pm

lol devil may cry, approved

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