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-Nickname:Gunner (He got that by being able to throw kunai's and shurikens twice as fast as anyone else. in his class.)


Looks: Gunner, has brown hair, that is pretty long, it goes to the end of his neck, and a bit more, to the bottom of his colar. His clothes are usually white, and sleeveless, unless he doesn't want to wear one, or he has to wear formal. He has white pants also, and a bit of orange.
-Pictures: (Take the guns away and you got him.)

Personality: Gunner is a nice guy, he is trying to meet people more of trying to keep good grades, because he is already smart enough.

Ninja Rank: Chuunin
-Element: Lighting
--Specialty Ninjutsu.

History :Gunner was born in the village of konoha his mother, not being a ninja, and his father being one, he wanted to take more after his dad's side, so he went to the school to be a ninja, instead of doing what his mother wanted him to do. He had gotten out after a couple of years, with his mother's school smarts, he was easily going to go through school with flying colors.

After a couple years, he took the chuunin exams and passed, but barely, it was hard, even though he won the matches, he thought he wasn't going to be a chuunin, but he did and two years, later he went to the high school, and joined and became a student.

-Village of Birth:Konoha

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Re: Gunner

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