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Post  Yuki/Komiku on Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:43 am

Name: Amanda (nick name Mandi)

Gender: Female

Alliance/LivingArea (for transfer students): Star Village

Age: 17

Looks: Mandi has brown hair, green- blue eyes that change to gray in the summer. She wears black eye liner and eye shadow all the time. Her nails are always painted black. Her body is average type, and she's quite strong. She love's to hang out with her closest friends.

Clan(optional): None

Personality: Mandi's kind of a loner, but she knows how to make friends. She thinks that some people are total posers. She's not one to go up and talk to someone she doesn't know.

Rank: student

~Pick 1 or 3: Genjutsu, Kenjutsu [Sword], Medical Arts,

Do not list your jutsu's, or any other skills or specialties. Only one of the things listed above^. It is just to tell us what your character is best at: Kenjutsu

summary of history: Mandi's life was rough. When she was about four, her uncle had molested her, and she was then sacred for life. As she got older, she became meaner to people, even her friends. She could care less. Then when she started high school, she started to grow a crush on one of her friends, but they were just friends. That's when she was told by him that she was kind of emo, but not the hardcore kind. Although one of her necklaces she sometimes wears has a fake razor on it.

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Re: Mandi(Update)

Post  Bao/Zach on Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:52 am


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