Riden Saike

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Riden Saike

Post  Kodai/Cloud on Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:56 am

Name: Riden Saike

Gender: male

Alliance/LivingArea: Konaha

Age: 14


Clan(optional): N/A

Personality: Riden is a nice person almost always willing to help any body, but if there is something about you that he doesnt like then he will try to avoid you. and his favorite foods are, Ramen noodles, and sushi.

Rank: student

Skills/Specialties: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu

summary of history: Riden was born in the sound village, and while he was growing up, they told him that Orochimaru wanted to train him, but Riden had heard that most of the people that Orochimaru trained were killed because they were to weak, so Riden started to think of ways to get out of the sound village. The night before he was suposed to be given to Orochimaru, he climed out of his window, and scaled down the wall unseen. When he finally got to the bottom of the wall, he could hear the guards yelling that he was missing, Riden had to think quickly, so he jumped into a barrel and tried to look like a bunch of fruits. after awhile he felt like he was moving so he looked around and saw the doors to the foerst opening and the carriage that he was in leaving through the doors, the everything was going acording to plan. After a while of just relaxing, he heard something moving in the bushes, then he next thing he knew the man driving the carriage was killed, then after everything settled he saw a bunch of bandits come out of the forest. Riden started to get worried until he saw a sword laying on the ground next to the barrle he was in, so he pulled out a kunai and cut a hole in the barrle and grabbed the sword. after awhile of just sitting in the barrle he heard foot steps, then he looked up and saw the men walking closer to him, so he readied the sword and jumped out of the barrle and slashed one of the mens necks, then he kicked another one down to the ground and started runing away from the bandits. After about 15 minutes of running, he came to a stop and looked around hopeing that all of the bandits were gone. Riden started to make his way out of the forest, and after 2 days of walking he finally made it out of the forest and fond himself walking around Konaha. Riden started to work around town, then he finally started his training again and after awhile he found himself starting his first year of high school.

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Re: Riden Saike

Post  Bao/Zach on Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:00 am

Picture in use.

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