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Name: Senlou

Gender: Male

Alliance/LivingArea (for transfer students): Rice Field Country

Age: 17


Clan(optional): Blidane

Personality: Senlou is mostly trying to be with at least one person, he doesn't like to be alone, but he doesn't like being with alot of people, it is another weird thing about him, but he doesn't mind if it is only three, he would actually like that, he is different from many people, not just by what he is, but more about his atitude. He is nice to his friends and new people, but he is mostly a loner who doesn't like to talk in a crowd. He loves how and who he is though.

Rank: Special Jounin

~Pick 1 or 3: Kenjutsu Taijutsu, bloodline

summary of history:

When Senlou was born, everyone knew he would be something to be proud of, because of the birth mark on his arm, it was a black dragon, that was supposeidly to mean that he was going to learn how to save a live, using the power of the dragon mark, his whole clan had been wishing that they were the one, but now since there was one, the 'one' hated being it, he didn't want to be noticed some much, but for some reason it had to be him that was chosen. As soon as he had become old enough for a training age, for him it was five, he had to learn how to use the dragon's strength, but it didn't work the strength wouldn't come out, until he had become seven, he had already exceeded both of his parents, now all he needed was to exceed the old dragon user, who...was his own brother. His brother had been five years older than him, and he didn't have the same power that Senlou did. Somehow, Senlou was the chosen one, his brother had become mad at Senlou and tried to defeat him, but Senlou's parents knew about his rage so they stopped him. At least a week later, his brother, who had now just turned 14 left on a mission with his squad, and became the strongest of the group, and Senlou had started in the academy. At least two months went by, before his older brother returned, he was alone, and found that his squad was ambushed, and his older brother, had been captured by Orochimaru, and now...Orochimaru was going after him.

They all feared orochimaru because he was an old sannin of the leaf, so they went to the one place he would never seem to look...Konoha. It took them awhile to get there, at least five days, but when they got there, it was worth the traveling. The luss grass mixed with the green trees and the clear blue was more than they had imagined, execpt for Senlou, who had become unaware of his surroundings and only wanted to be stronger than his brother so that he could fight Orochimaru if he was to try to get him, like what had happened to his brother, luckily, his grandfather, was able to seal it. Senlou had gotten reinrolled into the academy, but this time he wasn't expecting what was going to happen, when he got in there, nobody really liked talking to him, he hated being the new kid, so when it was his turn to show his strengths, he tried his best, and actually got some respect for once. He had finally been happy in this new place that he was living in. He feared that Orochimaru would come to take him, or send someone after him, but he didn't care, he wouldn't go, even if they threatened to kill him. He wasn't that weak and/or scared.

After four years, Senlou had gotten out of the academy, and mastered the three main jutsus, Henge no jutsu(Transformation) Bushin no Jutsu(Clone) and Replacement jutsu(Don't know japense name.). He had passed the test with ease, and went on to meet his squad, whom he didn't really want to meet, he just wanted to train and do missions. As soon as he meet them though, he was dead wrong with what he thought they were going to look like, his Sensai, had scares over his face, from battles he had lived through. His other teammates, the first one being a male, had spiked white hair, and a sword carried mostly on his back, but the top half goes down the back of his legs making it difficult for him to run, that is why he tilts it to the left, so he doesn't hit it. The other, second member of his team, was a female, who had her hair going down past her shoulders, than mostly ran down pass her shoulder blades also, the color of it was black, she wore her had band, like a bracelet on her arm, and tried to make herself look cute, but never acted cute. The third member was Senlou. And than was the Sensei(Again) he was bald, he wore a sword, that usually was gleaming from sunbeams bouncing off of it and towards someones eyes, it does that on purpose to joke around. That was his squad, and they all were strong.

Two years later, Senlou's squad had become well known, and his whole team besides his sensai was Fourteen, his sensai, just turning twenty-eight, had still been able to work with them as a team, better than Senlou could with his own brother or father. It was beginning to fall into place why Senlou had become the chosen one for the seal, after completeing their second B rank mission, his sensai had mentioned that they were going to be in the Chuunin exams, none of them declined this opprotunity and had all gladly acctepted this challenge. Senlou had been training for this for a long time, so he was finally going to do it, to. He was ready for this challenge and began to train twice as hard until he heard from his sensai again.

At least three weeks went by before his squad was called together, when they meet, it was infront of the chuunin exam door, he walked in and sat down away from his squad and any of his friends, the only people next to him, was a sand, a mist, and a leaf he hadn't seen before. At least an hour went by before the test was passed out, but it took around thirty minutes to finish the exam, he flipped it upside down and used chakra to seal the back of it incase of any byakugan users, so they could only see the chakra, instead of any awnsers. He laid his head on his paper until the time ended, the person stood up and yelled, "Let's see who wants the last question..." The person had begun to walk around, he looked at the papers that the other chuunin/special jounins had in there had to see who was cheating and called out all their names, if you got caught cheating this time, you are gone...It was weird, he heard from his sensai, that it was three times before you were gone. Anyway, the rest got the last question, and this time, it was actually a question. Senlou finished it in one minute and handed it in, and was told to go wait in the back, soon enough the room was full and someone came through the window, most of them looked surprised, but none on Senlou's team, there were to train to get scared by something so ametur.

The woman, told them all to follow her, the all followed, and did exactly what they needed to do, the first squad to actually get the scroll, was Senlou's squad, he didn't like being special, but it has been happening more and more. He had gotten used to it actually, but he didn't feel like he should be someone else, he may have been put on a different squad, and he didn't want that to happen, he had been thinking about that until the gates opened up, and let them in, than the jumped into the forest, towards another gate. After travleing through the forest, they came apon a good fight, they all fought well, but as soon as Senlou used their secert weapon, they had won that battle. They grabbed the scroll, which was the one they didn't have, and continued towards the middle, it took a day to find where they had wanted to go. When they went inside the building, they opened the scroll, to see their sensai. He told them what the wall ment and told them where to go. They walked in their and saw, that they were the third people to get their. They sat down and began to talk until the rest of them got their, when they did, they were told they all were going to the third and final exam. Their was actually only five teams that made it there in three days. The rest got there to late.

When the teams where dismissed, the first thing Senlou did was ask his sensai to train him, his sensai gradually accetped the offer and began to train him using fire, two jutsus of which known as the black dragon, and firey fingers. Both of which, were good to use for Senlou, since he was the user of the black dragon, it had not been long since he had known to use the chakra of the dragon, but it was still good to learn jutsu, that could help him get better using it. He had been training for two weeks now and just barely started to learn the firey fingers jutsu, it was weird, but he felt closer to his sensai than he did his family, but he still liked to hang out with his family. He had gotten good with his other jutsum the black dragon, but not to good, so his sensai taught him a short cut, to use a sword with it, it balances it, so it would help him be better with his jutsu. Not much was known about who his sensai was, even he didn't know much about his childhood, all he could remember was his own name and the jutsus he had learned.

When the month finally ended, he had mastered the black dragon, since to the short cut, and gotten good with his firey fingers technique. He was the first to fight, it was against someone who had been in the last chuunin exams, so he probably knew more techniques, but Senlou loved challenges, Senlou had used mostly stradegy, to defeat that oppenent, everytime the person would jump to attack him, Senlou would counter, and make a slash for him, Senlou had learned how to make sure he got hit, and that was to allow himself to get hit. So Senlou did that, and won the fight, by making the other surrendor.

Three more matchs had gone by, and Senlou had been called out again. This time, it was going to be even more challengeing, neither oppenents could see how the other fought, so it was going to be mostly a blind fight, neither one knew the others stradegy, that's the way Senlou liked it. When Senlou had gotten hit a couple times and he hadn't laid a finger on the oppenent, he got mad and took the bandages from his arm and used his secert weapon, burning dragon. The dragon hit him dead on and made him faint, it hurt Senlou's arm pretty bad, luckily that was his last fight of the tournament, the genins who were called, all came to the kage, and were pronounced chuunin, Senlou and the girl from his team where both chuunins now, and so where some Suna ninjas.

At least two years had passed, and his sensai spoke to Senlou, alone. He told him about some special jounin exams, that were undergoing soon, and asked if Senlou would be the one to win this fight, the one thing Senlou did was smirk and say, "Of course," no way was he going to back down from this challenge. He had just mastered the regular version of the black dragon, and also firey fingers, and had begun to practice using kenjutsu. He had learned one jutsu, and that was to make his sword fly, not truely fly, more of be attached to chakra strings.

When the special jounin exams occuried, Senlou was the only one there. He looked around and than a special jounin came out, than another than another, there was three of them, and at the same time they had all said, "Beat us...and become a special jounin..." Senlou smirked and released his bandages, and pulled out his sword, "The black dragon!" he yelled as a dragon came out the end of his sword, he aimed it at the three and than the dragon wiped two of them out as the other kicked the sword out of Senlou's hand, to bad, he knew how to make the strings stay to a sword, and than senlou pulled the sword down into the pant leg of the ninja and punched him in the face, his bloodline, had worked well, but not was well as he hoped, one of the special jounins had gotten up and stabbed a kunai in Senlou's spine, now, he couldn't bend that well, so he made his dragon come out his hand and hit him, using the rest of his chakra.

When he awoke, he was in the hospital, a note on top of his chest, reading, 'You pass.' Senlou smirked and fell asleep. When he awoke next, he was back in his bed at home, "How the heck..." He had thought aloud. He got up out of bed and walked out of the house, his mother yelling to him, "Time for School!"

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