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Name: Lusia

Gender: Male

Alliance/LivingArea (for transfer students): Konoha


Lusia has black hair that usually stands up execpt for the back. He stands at about 5'7". He wears a white t-shirt under his black jacket. His jacket has the symbol of his clan on the right sleeve. Lusia wears some jeans that go down to his feet and his feet have sandals on them that is the shoes he wears mostly. At times he will be wearing some sunglasses so his eyes won't get hurt by the suns rays. At others he is mostly regular. His eyes are black.


Personality:Lusia isn't much of a talker. He tries to be alone and hates talking to annoying people or getting talked to by annoying people. He will mostly try to stay alone or get at least one friend. He will meet new people as long as they don't go crazy when they get hyper. He is mostly calm and unimpressed. He is usually seen alone or with only one friend no more. On special occasions he will be happy and hyper, but that is all he doesn't get like that often


~Pick 1 or 3: Ninjutsu

summary of history:

Birth to Academy(1-10):
Lusia was born into the village of Konoha. Everyone there was nice and helpful, but one ninja, Lusia. He didn't like helping others he mostly did things on his own unless one of his neighbors would help him. Each day he would be alone and train alone. His family was the only who would usually get him to talk as for his friends, they would make him smile often. No one usually messed with him because of how he acted, they thought he was strong and able to do anything. They were somewhat right. He was strong, but didn't want much. After years of being alone he went into the academy and started to get more into things.

Academy to Graduation(11-13):
Each day in the academy he was the first there. He meet with the teachers and became there friends and learned jutsu from them while the other students were coming to the academy. Lusia would always get the best grades because the teachers would help him study. He would never talk in the classes and he would always turn in the assignments on time. Soon enough he learned that the graduation was coming up and he had been one to be chosen to go into them, Lusia new he should and easily accepted so he could go genin. Soon enough he had trained hard enough and had been the best of the best in the academy. When the graduation did come he felt good at what he did and wore his villages headband on his left sleeve. It was ingraved into his shirts.

Genin Life(14 & 15):
In Lusia's squad was two other genin and a special jounin. Each of them could help Lusia in his training as he could help them, but he didn't feel right in the squad. Each night he felt off and strange. Soon he learned from his parents talking that anyone genin rank or higher could go wander. So he packed one night and left a note on the kitchen table. He left after that accidently running into his sensai and having to explain. The sensai only told him to do what he wanted and to make sure he didn't get in the 'Bingo Book'. After that he did leave not running into anyone again and leaveing the village gates going to be a wanderer. Right before the gates he stopped and thought for a second, he had been stupid to think about this, so he deiced to turn around and walk to the middle of the village, where he was bound to find something that would make his mind up. He had walked around the park for three hours at least and than said, "I am staying..."

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