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Marcus Snow

Post  Marcus Snow on Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:53 pm

Name: Marcus Snow

Gender: Male

Alliance/LivingArea: Land of Snow

Age: 19

Looks: Marcus is about 5'8" with a green vest, black t-shirt, beige khaki pants, and glasses for standard wear. He also wears blue and white running shoes for mobility. He's generally light-skinned with dark brown hair.


Personality: Marcus is not what you'd call outspoken, though he does talk openly to his friends. It's not easy to earn his trust, due to an unnamed event that happened a long time ago. He's also notorious for his quick temper and anger-caused outbursts.

Rank: Student


summary of history: Marcus is a swordsman, although instead of katana and other curved blades, his preferred weapon of choice is a Greatsword, a two-handed weapon designed for heavy combat. As for his past, that's something he refuses to talk about, and when approached by that subject his response is a quick draw of the blade placed across the neck of the person who mentioned it. As such, most people have learned not to ask about Marcus' past, so little is known about it. His place of origin, however, is known, as he was once a citizen of the Land of Snow, but quickly left as soon as he was old enough to travel because of an unmentioned incident that happened in his home. Just what happened during this incident is unknown, because as said, Marcus refuses to talk about his history. One unlucky soul even went so far as to ask about the incident itself and got his head cut off by Marcus in a fit of rage.

Marcus Snow

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Re: Marcus Snow

Post  Kodai/Cloud on Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:06 pm

not approved that pic is already taken...oh..wait nvm lol approved

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