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Rallen Wolf

Post  Kakashi Hatake a.ka. rall on Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:46 pm

Name: Rallen Wolf

Gender: Male

Alliance/LivingArea (for transfer students): Kumogakure: Hidden Cloud Village

Age: 23

*Height: 6 feet and 4 inches (6,4")
*Weight: 231 lbs
*Blood type: O
*Hair color: A light Red Auburn color that shines in the sunlight.
--Hair type: Spikey, slightly straight in the back
--Style: Medium long, bangs skaterd fall over eyes
*Eye color: Dark lightish brown on right, Left is yellow with a purple strikes from the outside of the eye to the pupil
*Frame: Medium Large
--Hips: 37
--Waist: 29
--Shoulders: broad, muscular
--Face: Oval
--Lips: normal size
--Eye shape: normal shape
--Voice: deep, but stern sticket at times
*Muscular build: very muscualr
--Stomach/Navel area: toned, visible tight ab muscles
--Arm muscles: very toned, most visible when jacket taken off
--Leg muscles: medium sized, strong
--Grip: Strong yet sensitve
*Skin pigment: Fair

Causual Attire:
Rallen normally wears a tight light black shirt that shows off his muscular body and a dark tanish colored pair of slacks. Over his shirt he wears a dark brown Leather jacket that is one size more than the shirt that he wears over it. Around his neck he wears a brown neck collar that he keeps tight, on back of the collar is his insignia letting every one know who it is or who it belongs to if it get lost. On Rallenís hand there is a Ring with is insignia Again but this ring is for his clan.
For His Arm he keeps his Headband on his left shoulder he keeps it tight so it doesnít loosen and fall off. Lastly to keep his pants on he wears a leather belt that matches the color of his collar, he keeps his police badge on the right side and a chip which holds his whip is placed on the left side of the belt.

Police Officer Uniform: (guy on left)

Clan(optional): N/A

Personality: Rallen is a very friendly guy, when you get t know him that is. Mainly Rallen is shy he doesnt talk to people as much pretty much Rallen looks like a loner shinobi but really Rallen is sweet, caring and sensitive. He is very stern and stricked when giving and taking orders. Rallen always has a smile or grinn on his face, even when hes doing the things he hates mosts...paperwork. When Rallen is not at the Police Station or on the streets you can find him outside of Kumogakure on the ridges of where his family used to live or on top of the Thunder Moutians where he spends his time thinking about his past and future.

Rank: Staff-SRO (student Resourse officer)

Skills/Specialties: Chakra Attuned,Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu.

history: Rallen was born in an Evil Clan of thiefís and Murders that resided in Kumo (one of the oldest clans in Kumogakure). Every body in his Clan was evil except For him. Nobody knew he was Not evil When he was Ordered to fight his brother to the death, Rallen was winning the match until His brother could not fight he was then ordered to Kill his brother, Forcing him self not to Rallen Ran away from the arena. After running to the Gates of Kumo he stopped to take a nap, while he was sleeping 2 members of his clan found him and took him to his Fathers which Order the guards to kill Him. Agreeing to the orders of Rallenís dad the guards took Rallen to the top of a Mountain and threw him off While Falling off the Mountain Rallen Got cut and sliced him on the roughness of the mountain. A few Seconds Later Rallen Fell to the base of the Mountain and didnít Move He was in so much pain He didnít cry knowing that if he cried the Guards would find him and they would kill him on the spot. After a Few hours Rallen was found by a Couple and tooken in to be raised under their care. After a Few months in the hospital Rallen was all better. 2 years later after his graduation at the ninja academy Rallen was found Training with katanas with his Foster dad in the Backyard. On his 10th birthday Rallen Grew a wolf tail Amazed at the tail His foster parents took Rallen to the doctors to get him checked up , seeming healthy the foster parents returned back to there house where Rallenís Last Present was waiting for him. Back at home Rallenís foster mother Brought a cage in from the back yard inside the cage was a Black Wolf Pup. Rallen was so happy that he got a Wolf he fell out of his seat. Rallen and link were like buddies the second they met each other, they went everywhere and did everything together. After 4 years Rallenís Foster Parents died of an illness. After being assigned to another family Rallen Ran away from the foster him with link to live their life away form family. After 4 More years Rallen grew up into a Great young man but he still had a long history to go. When Rallen was about 17 He met a girl named Raika they became friends instantly and they are still friends today. They make a good team together and are seen fighting along side each other.

One day while Rallen and Raika were hanging out Rallen brother Lucifer appeared and attacked Rallen but Raika helped fight him off, it was a tuff battle but they did it and Rallenís brother fled from the battle wasnít over. 2 days later on a dark night Rallenís brother Lucifer appeared again while Raika was away and Rallen had to fend for himself until Raika came and helped him. And being the coward that he is Lucifer fled the scene. Soon after Rallen had enough with life and attempted to commit suicide but Raika stopped him.

A few months later Rallen trained his wolf pet link to be a awesome nin-wolf, then one day while Rallen was in Taki a bounty was placed on his head and a bounty hunter soon caught up with him and attacked him but the bounty hunter was too strong and nearly killed Rallen but amazingly His brother showed up and helped fight the bounty hunter and Rallen and his brother both fled the battle (bounty on Rallenís head has been lifted..)

Later Rallen met up with a beautiful maiden in konoha and loved her very much, he went on many adventures with her and proposed to her and they were set to get married until Rikku (his fiancťe) mysteriously disappeared and Rallen was lonely once more.

2 years later Rallen had grown into a mature man and ventured back into the world after a long break (it was when I was gone for like 3 months) there he met up with his best friend Raika and he met another beautiful woman named Xela he also met awesome friends (Kusabana and Kane). Then when Rallen had to return to Kumo they broke up and went there separate ways.

One day it was a dark foggy night in Kumo and Rallen and his pet Wolf Link was walking back home until a mysterious man appeared behind him and gave him the chance of a lifetime, to become a werewolf. Rallen gladly took the offer and the man stabbed his claws inside Rallenís stomach and making each others blood mix making Rallen a werewolf (and making a large scar on his stomach). The after the man left Rallen couldnít move for two hours. After the 2 hours were up Rallen could move again abut he immediately transformed into a werewolf and went along the village in search of something to do. the next day Rallen woke up with no memory about what happened the night before but Rallen had something wrong with his left eye it was yellow and had a black slit down the middle (his wolf eye) this eye scared him and he thought It was going to go away after awhile but sadly it didnít and his eye is now stuck like that forever.

a few months later Rallen met up with Raika again and told her about what happened over the months then suddenly Rallen noticed that his two wolf pets mojo and link were missing so Raika and Rallen went on a search mission to find them. As they followed the wolfís scent Rakiaís dragon led them to a huge field then suddenly Rallenís brother Lucifer ambushed them and started to attack Rallen. As Raika was watching Rallen had to fight off his brother but while Rallen was fighting Lucifer sent a clone to get mojo and link. The clone did as told but decided to have some fun so he sliced the head off of Link killing him but leaving mojo alive. As Rallen fought Lucifer unaware of Lucifer doing Rallen sent Raika to go find Link and mojo but to her findings she found Link dead but mojo still alive so she ran back to Rallen who had been sucked into Lucifer mind and forced to live his childhood over and over. As Rallen was inside Luciferís mind Raika was fighting Lucifer. The battle went on for awhile but Lucifer then died of loss of blood and Rallen escaped from his mind but he wasnít a 19 year old he came out of his brotherís head as his 7 year old self. It took awhile for Rallen to turn back to normal but he did it and Raika took Rallen to see mojo and link. When they got there Rallen saw links decapitated body and ran to his aid but he knew he was dead and busted into tears since his childhood friend had been killed by his brother.

a few weeks later after Links funeral Rallen met 2 more friends there name were Kageken and Aria they fought together for about a day until aria had to leave and the group broke up again.

One day Rallen was chosen to be apart of the chuunin exams which Rallen was excited for. On his day of the exams he rushed to meet Tomo early for his mission. After Rallen obtained the scroll Rallen set out on his chuunin exams to Konoha. The exams took 3 days to complete. But Rallen had made a new friend a academy student named jimmy and he also protected Konoha from a possible invasion. After the battle Rallen gave his scroll to Mea Zen and he was now a chuunin of Kumogakure. Rallen was really excited and he raced back home to tell his friends.

a year or 2 later Rallen is now a elite Jounin in Kumogakure, heís also the Chief For the Kumo Police force and he is getting stronger and stronger every single day.

Rallen has also earned the title of the white wolf of Kumogakure..

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Re: Rallen Wolf

Post  Airi on Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:50 pm

aprroved ^^ my good friend


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Re: Rallen Wolf

Post  Han on Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:58 pm

man i haven't seen someone right that much for some time now good work dude

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Re: Rallen Wolf

Post  Kiba/Sasori on Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:59 pm

Shocked omg Shocked *falls out of the best character ever.*

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Re: Rallen Wolf

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